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If you're making only one batch per year, it probably continues lying. He's not going to be the best solution because you have to spend a fair amount of time creating the process that we work. They only make us momentum product, but if you have large amounts of products, when obviously most. Profitable but the we should change him because there is a tendency nowadays towards building smaller systems. That can run for longer times making smaller amounts of product they're our and that makes continue systems. community in skills of production that ten years ago we would have expected. Right and the and the capital investment. Into a continuous manufacturing line is, is that higher? No is not if you're studying from scratch and you had to build a factory You're not going to spend more money with slang that in our budget line which your new capital put more for seem to the liberal of know how that you? Acquire I mean continuously stems have knowledge-intensive does the main. Issue Really with companies. Implementing new system sees that. As many companies don't have the know how and I took to those companies Liberty Week, Okay. We don't have all the necessary knowledge Had We figure out what to do here and? You know it's right now. Really meetings because the access to know how. Yes, so it's interesting, so the the labor costs would be lower from a production perspective, but you do need certain specific expertise for this to work right certain skills that need to come together for the door. And notices, actually it sounds in a city different skills. seems to me, so there's system dynamics has sensors controls. and so it's not just chemistry, but it's also all the all the components of. other other components need to come together. Yes, and so would you say then? It applies Ellia. A large pharmaceutical company can can do this. They had already doing it. Would it. Would that requirement in terms of skills needed to actually get into it? does does that preclude sort of the the smaller and medium sized companies from doing this. Is simply clued him. Because the cost of acquiring these skills, it is small compared to the dilemma money. They spend unbearable, right? But he knowledge that underneath the culture. In. This is that you know it's hard for a manager to hire a certain person. Monitor herself for himself. Does helpful would be civility on. That knowledge needs to be you know you need basically vertical integration of Noko in relation. Right you need. Managers also understand what we're talking about more just you know the people that we've hired, so you know, but on the other hand, Lenore Muslim love interest and enthusiasm right now. In the last six months I have noticed a significant change in how many genetic companies are showing keen interest in these and also? Groups that were over the counter. Products are gain to these so. I think if we really want to transform the manufacturing landscape. What we need to do. A ceased in minutes country. It's we have to figure out. How do we make the no doubt available and accessible do a much larger players. What kind of vehicles on weekly eight that allow companies to find the expertise that they need? So wouldn't Wouldn't the contract manufacturing organizations? See this gap and step in and we specialize in this video casse- happened yet. That has happened. East happening I, mean they? Were ready to contract manufacturing organizations in the US or maybe that he said third one swayed. That already implementing systems the Hubbard ready implemented systems. At least one of those is available for companies to go on and work these a solution to a.

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