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Look, this is Kevin from Virginia Beach. My question is this. Um my concern is the Democrats will obviously cheating the election. They'll cheat anyway. They can Well, my concern is him cheating. And, like, seven or eight swing state in all the big cities where they control the running booze. They control the process. What have we done? If anything, Thanks. Sure. They're not gonna swing those state by virtue of running up the hotels in the big cities controlled by by, you know, corrupt liberals. What do you have any insight on after you made any Ah, good feeling going into the election? Well, very question. What are we doing? Secure, secure the elections against fraud and tampering and and also just incompetence. And I've got I always will tell you the truth. And as part of that, I'll tell you now. Not enough. We're not doing enough that that I think is very clear. Remember? They claim the last election was stolen or fraudulent. Democrats did based on Facebook ads. Bought by some nameless, faceless Russians that we're just supporting a lot of the usual stuff. Pro Trump Stuff anti Hillary stuff online. That alone they felt was was grounds to question the outcome of the election. So we also have to remember that they will never accept that if their side wins, no matter how much fraud there is, they'll say it was legitimate. And if our side wins the other how squeaky clean the election was No. Tell us all. It was fake Trump cheated. I don't care if they're going to say no matter what But in terms of the steps, the big fight right now is over Mail in voting. If Democrats get mail in voting, they're very confident that they'll be able to win. So That tells you something. Why is that? Not because all of a sudden a lot of people are going to give him a Democratic didn't know that All right, Bruce Mark next up. Hey, butt and producer Mark. This is mark from South Carolina. And I am wondering why we aren't hearing Mohr about possible vice President Joe Biden. I don't think we're hearing enough about that. And That seems to be one of the biggest things that will be going on this year. What do your thoughts Who are we going to hear from one of the tracks. And what we need to be prepared for shield. I Jews I mark in South Carolina. Thanks so much for calling in and producer Mark does believe you have a fantastic name right Mark? Yes, Name there is There we go. I I think that Vita Vice President is supposed to be named by by next week, so we shall see. I believe it will be. I believe it will be Kamala Harris. I think they're gonna make her VP. I just think that's what the establishment's gonna want. That's what they're gonna demand. We'll see Mark. Thanks so much, buddy for support. We appreciate it. All right, One more market. It Hey, Marcus is Bill in Brooklyn of born in Cockney on I live in Sheepshead Bay and I keep my love the show, but I cannot let us continue. To put Brooklyn down. If you want to refer to Brooklyn deliver Brooklyn called him Park Slope, But don't say broken giving me a bad name. He's in Brooklyn about shame. One Look, Bill Fair Point my grandparent's air from Brooklyn. I got family in Brooklyn right now. I mean, Brooklyn's a beautiful place. It's just politically liberal. Brooklyn is the worst is like the most left wing. Insane place in the whole country. Maybe only after after San Francisco and DC Appreciate you listening, buddy. I'll clean it up a little bit off, but we're talking about let Brooklyn when I have it when I get broken a rough time, Andre that we've got to go to our traditional role call. Coming up. Range south.

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