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I haven't said orlando in reference to that rivalry when talking on this show and come back to a ten la galaxy portland timbers not thereto. I'm not going to lie to you. I'm not going to try to sell you a false bill of sale here have your is not going to play in this match. Greg didn't say it but he did said he's like is literally. I don't think we'll risk him in this one and that's a good thing. Keep him under wraps will get to assign in the could help replace. Some of those minutes of teachers still has issues but on this orlando city. Atlanta one orlando we know there. There's sort of ravage right now. Injuries absences. But i was curious because the narrative used to be and i'm a big part of this narrative that atlanta united and the father joseph martinez were utterly dominant over orlando city. So i wanted to go back and see the last time atlanta one in the regular season. It was august. Twenty nineteen frank. Deboer was the honorable manager of the five stripes and james o'connor was leading the lions with his safari hats and whatnot. Here's the lineup. For atlanta united net game. And that'll tell you a lot about what happened to the club. And how much has changed joseph martinez up top boom barco pity martinez behind barca's the olympics. He won't be available for this. Pity of course sold gun. Just in miramar left wingback. Rometty nagy in the midfield. All of them gone just joined wrestle. Right back gone. Florentine gone miles robinson he's able won't be available l. Gp gone braga's on. He's in the team but won't be available. So you have one player from that entire levin who'll be available and the subs vr jeff reynolds awards and emerson item and none of them available so in this match. Not even two years later one man. Joseph martinez is the lone thread. That's the only threat that extends can orlando line changed. I did that was different to prevent over bad then. Kaelin completely different now. All right all right. Yeah artisans robbery standard. This point and i know this is not like we're all full while full-strength like you know decision day playoff style battle here. What's the state of the rivalry in in In the main. I think atlanta's playing against themselves and a lot of ways right now like i think that there at in a position where they're not there. They'll use the rivalry game. Maybe some extra motivation to get up. But i think the real the real battle has been to try and find their form and try and find their their own form. Which you know the i think the last couple of games you've seen maybe a little bit of a different style where they're trying to be a little bit more attacking minded and and i think sometimes even when you just get a new coach a fresh fresh face. Come in. get some positivity back into the team does sound like things have gotten really bad there. Right so I don't know how much it'll be. So the rivalry so much in this game than just trying to find their own footing and get things back on track. Shutout to rob valentino. Who's who is the interim head coach former teammate. Back in the day but he was also new orleans city player which written adding. There's a westchester..

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