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All the lines are full of you're trying to get through right now we'll just start taking these calls right now Dr Carter Carter good morning good morning Jim look no more available somewhere for it is a black on black hills but everything's going really also a total chance last mother's day got my wife Betty pomegranate tree okay got a five foot diameter well there is no doubt well ordered in any sort of Pakistan underneath it out of the owner thanks so far sooner okay okay but if you check your tricks or anything I can do to keep this thing alive yeah pomegranates couple things is make sure they get full sun good drainage don't let any competition grass weeds up to that trunk keep it clean keep the molds replenish some mulch twice a year six days a year yeah and then in may and coming out of the summer heat in September a good double shredded hardwood mulch or compost a living mulch train it in January you want to designate a lease five major trunks north south west east and and then remove all the other each your five total five told trunks but spread out in north south west east xterra and then all of those five individual trunks you wanna skirted up like remove all the branches from the ground up at least eighteen to twenty four inches and they tend to soccer a lot they have epicormic shoots a come from the bottom base so it it's just it's always only five gallons when I when I got it so maybe nearly forty eight inches now okay well these are just guidelines said you'll you'll have to take care of and then make sure that the trees not plant two two deep you know make sure there's no axes motor saw upon the ground and your homework assignment is go to our Aggie horticulture website under the fruit tree section and we have a ton of good good information on pomegranates on a brochure their educational literature and then if you if you Carter or other listeners have room for another pomegranates a before they run out of panic says a shipment of US special ground Purple Heart pomegranates which is one of the best pomegranates to grow but very very hard to find so if if you have rooms consider planning another one out there okay that sounds great I'll take that advice a little quick question I've got on the front of my house which stations north of battle eight by eight Chechen traveler wants out and signed off on two sides of the house on the other side so special it's all yeah I can get you can grow their online trying to find any topic just ground cover anything a little dance that act it doesn't take a lot of makes sense pretty shady the yeah I don't may maybe gets thirty percent song early morning or late afternoon afternoon only and then there there is sporadic you have a lot of big big oak trees surrounding them they're great okay one of bill's favorite that'll talk about Tuesday's weapon are it would be the Castro implants which says store looking green upright growth that are about two feet or so tall upright growth the original more more like like church ground cover type then try yeah but you don't want turf grass you wanna plant that resembles like turf correct well actually I'm not sure you can get as close to turf wrestling I can get it well okay well if I want the only turfgrass selection of warm season grasses that you can try to have a little bit more shade tolerance would be Saint Augustine and the one would be like pow meadow F. J. selector del Mar so if it gets a little bit late afternoon sun it should go pretty well there still mode too too low then if it does get extremely pretty hot late afternoon sun you might try some very gated Littorio which has a variegated leaf to and purple blooms to which are very beautiful as well okay that sounds very good I'll take a tractor get it yeah L. I. L. I. R. I. O. P. are they real player of the tomato tomato I because I wrote a brief letter appear real yeah okay thank you very much and have a great day thanks for the call good time real quick to talk to another David in Wimberley Monday of how you doing good morning gentleman called me from god's country here in Wimberley it's a beautiful beautiful day anyway the reason I'm calling you is a plan of the Becontree out here in front and it was only about eight feet tall about eight years ago and that was about thirty five and the last three or four years of it that way born originally was that a yes and this year hasn't come in yet and I'm just wondering is this something that is seasonal or does it come in later summer or it depends yes sama depending where you're at depending on the season depending on the weather eccentric etcetera etcetera some years are worse than others some years and might not see it some years you might see two three warm generations in the same year so you just keep the tree as healthy as possible because in mulberry tend to be very susceptible to that AV eight some of that you can make sure that the trunk of the tree is X. has a fuller roots emerging off the trunk that are visible that it's not planted too deep aerating the soil in the lawn or the core aeration of the soil well levy eight some of that unneeded stress and then just good maintenance of deep watering and nutrition will all be a part of that but on that unless you're a commercial grower of fruit and nuts we really don't recommend prophylactic approaches we only scout and practice integrated pest management and once we see early symptoms of the damage and we spray accordingly Malcolm back used to get a hold of bamboo cane along long bamboo cane like they used to slash accounts from the trees and right and nip the webbing early in the morning and and observe the paper walls to go in there just annihilate that nest of caterpillar so if you do have paper wall spend your not worrying you to leave them alone because our great hunters of that caterpillar here let alone around here so I was wondering about six inches of mulch around the tree not right up next to the tree itself and how often do you think I should order it depending on if you have not production on it if you have any good fruit production on any fruit trees a rule of thumb is a done inch a week for survivability in lieu of significant rain events particularly during the summer months a deep watering once every three to four weeks okay D. bordering would be about how long of a time you start from the drip line and little bit Allen a little bit and and pride twenty to thirty minutes deep there are water throughout the root zone okay that sounds great thank you much for your device called David and Leslie Allen and Becky and Bob and Rick don't go away we're gonna take your calls may have to take one or two off figure but that'll work too don't say what's going on and fed ex's weekend they're having a special promotion on some unusual and hard to find plants from the local research and development volunteer team partial proceeds from the special plants will go to the change of they can continue to bring out the new hardy an adaptive plants to the market for everybody to enjoy now robbed a rusher from the R. and.

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