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Evening I'm Steve Reggie talk radio seventy seven W. ABC shows you're coming down at the George Washington bridge is totally at the bridge itself but once you're on the cross Bronx expressway going from Manhattan toward the yep roc your inner change everything slows down immediately we got a crash right by Webster Avenue two lanes are blocked there and you're also moving pretty slowly on the westbound southern state parkway in west Babylon X. thirty three there's an accident there on westbound route forty six in Wayne overturned vehicle at route twenty three south bound interstate two eighty seven four seven eight exit forty one there's a crash there another accident westbound seventy eight exit forty and watch out and watch the lease also on the southbound Bethpage state park wait at Central Avenue in Nassau County I'm Steve Reggie talk radio seventy seven WABC following a routine physical pastor Billy Richards of Brooklyn was referred to a urologist who delivered a frightening diagnosis I remember the shock that I felt when I was told that I had prostate cancer but the pastor didn't like the options he was given especially surgery traditions RG was definite option for me then he heard about cyberknife at NYU Winthrop hospital it's as effective as surgery but with no pain no recovery period and less risk of side effects than other treatments he made his decision I put my trust in god first and went up seven ninety minute fantastic track record after five brief sessions the treatment was a complete success we're sorry we never experience no pain and no side effects today pastor.

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