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Visit Saint Pete Clearwater dot com this is All Things Considered from NPR news I'm Mary Louise Kelley and I'm Elsa Chang president trump's former White House counsel don McGann must comply with a congressional subpoena and testify before lawmakers that is according to a ruling today from a federal judge in Washington DC and PR justice correspondent Ryan Lucas has been following this case and joins us now Hey Ryan okay so can you just back up for a moment and remind all of us what was this case about so remember don again was White House counsel in till about a year ago around October twenty eighteen so he was in the president's inner circle during most of the special counsel's rush investigation and according to Robert Miller's final were report McGann was a key witness for investigators and provided them with testimony about what he had witnessed that includes several instances in which again has first hand knowledge of several things that the president did that are considered a potential acts of obstruction is John of of justice such as the president telling began to remove Robert Muller right that makes me again someone who house Democrats really want to hear from sure they subpoenaed him this spring for testimony the White House blocked McGann from appearing they cited a justice department office of legal counsel opinion that top presidential advisers are absolutely immune from testifying before Congress the house Judiciary Committee filed suit in federal court in Washington DC in August to challenge that and to try to force began to show up into stock okay that brings us to today's ruling so what did the judge today have to say well the headline here is that judge could trying to brown Jackson has sided with Congress and says that McGann must appear and testify before the house committee she says that as a matter of law presidential aides and that includes the top White House lawyer must appear before Congress if compelled to do so she said in her ruling that this means that such aids cannot defy a congressional subpoena on the basis of absolute testimonial immunity even if the president for whom they work or worked demands that response would simply she said this quote the primary take weight the past two hundred and fifty years of recorded history is that presidents are not kings not kings not kings so this is good news for Congress but in there is about here the judge says the bomb again must appear the judge is not saying that began has to answer every question that the committee asks in other words the judges not ruling that began must speak about matters that are covered by executive privilege which might be stuff that the house would be interested got it okay so meanwhile the house it's in the middle of this whole impeachment inquiry the administration has tried to block several senior administration officials from testifying cleaning acting white has right of staff Mick Mulvaney former deputy national security adviser trials Kupperman what could this ruling today mean for house Democrats trying to get those senior White House officials to show up and testify well in theory this ruling could provide political cover for individuals who want to testify want to come forward and do so that said there's no indication at this point that Mulvaney or Kupperman or it former national security adviser John Bolton for that matter really do want to testify copper men for example he sued the house and the administration over his congressional subpoena the house ultimately withdrew that's been about government's case in federal court here in Washington remains the house wants him to abide by today's ruling in the began cases but governments lawyer has said that the government situation is different because he focused on national security and therefore it's different than the case of McGann which was as White House lawyer so that maybe the exact brand has broader discretion to resist subpoena a special cut out right okay so do you think we're going to be seeing dom again the former White House counsel show up anytime soon and testify before Congress not anytime soon no the justice department says it plans to appeal today's ruling that will kick this up to the to the DC circuit in any decision there would likely be be appealed as well this is a this is a separation of powers question so the stakes here are high neither Congress nor the White House is likely to let this one go and while the Judiciary Committee said that wants to hear from again as part of the impeachment inquiry the man who is leading that Adam Schiff said today that his committee is drawing up its report for the recent public hearings in closed door testimony on Ukraine he expects that report to be delivered shortly after thanksgiving so we'll see it's unclear whether against him going to play any role in the impeachment inquiry there may not be any time that's NPR's Ryan Lucas thanks so much right thank you more people are calling for White House advisors Steven Miller to go civil rights activists and Democrats are demanding his resignation after the publication of leaked emails in which Miller promoted the ideas of white nationalists but the White House is standing behind Miller and Republicans have been largely silent and here's Joe rose looks at how the line of what's acceptable in public discourse has shifted when torch wielding demonstrators took to the streets in Charlottesville two years ago they were invoking the great replacement conspiracy theory popular in white nationalists circles that immigrants and people of color are seeking to annihilate the white race sometime twenty forty twenty forty five what should become a model that sounds like a replacement to me Terry Taylor is the editor of American renaissance or Amaran website that's widely considered a white supremacist publication though Taylor himself rejects the label uncle muscle a rich realist about someone who understands that the races are not identical and and I also describe myself as a white Taylor promotes ideas that are widely considered racist and cloaks them in the language of science for example he talks about black people having higher levels of testosterone and therefore being predisposed to commit more violent crimes an idea that simply has no scientific support yes there are patterns of dozens but this is now something that's considered a huge hateful tub states Taylor's website is not well known outside of white nationalist circles but has found an audience in White House adviser Steven Miller he has recommended articles on Amaran and another white nationalists site called V. there we know this because the Southern Poverty Law Center has uncovered hundreds of emails that Miller wrote to a reporter at Breitbart news before he worked in the White House the latest batch released today shows Miller pushing a supposedly between immigrants and rising crime another idea that's been debunked the leaked emails suggest that the political dynamic around race and immigration has shifted to include ideas that were once beyond the pale I fear that the line of what is normal is moving I need a doctor it's the leadership conference on civil rights in Washington group sent a letter last week signed by fifty civil rights organizations calling on the White House to fire Miller more than a hundred members of Congress all Democrats have also called for his resignation I don't think that there's any way to look at those emails and to look at his own track record and not be profoundly disturbed about what we are allowing at the highest level of government today in a White House where turnover is high Miller is one of the few staffers who've been there from the beginning and continues to be a key architect of the president's hardline immigration policies the White House is defending saying Miller is opposed to bigotry in all its forms but most Republicans have been silent yes it's horrible Mike Murphy is a Republican strategist who's worked for Mitt Romney and John McCain and a self described never Trumper the Republican Party is hi jacked by trump into this crude nativist populism and drags like Miller running wild in positions of power not that long ago promoting the views of white nationalists would have hurt your career in Washington earlier this year Republican congressman Steve king of Iowa said in an interview he wondered why the terms white nationalist and white supremacist are considered offensive he was quickly rebuked by his colleagues on both sides of the aisle and last year the trump administration dismissed a low level staffers for attending or speaking at public events with white nationalists but as Mike Murphy notes Steven Miller is still there and I I think the Republican leaders of one half a generation ago order taken a very strong public land against that sort of stuff George H. W. bush George Bush Ronald Reagan never would've tolerate any of this Murphy thinks the silence among current Republicans is the sound of fear he says they don't want to anger president trump and his loyal base of Republican primary voters Murphy does not think there's wide support in the GOP for white nationalist ideas but my a berry at the Arab American institute is not so sure she says many Republicans are worried about the coming demographic shift in the US I think that's actually the real story of the Steven Miller problem is not that he's an anomaly is it at this time regrettably there seems to be a fairly dominant strain of the Republican Party that thinks it is a program to be afraid of the upcoming majority minority change people who study far right extremism say this is how ideas move from the French to the mainstream Cynthia Millar interests studies white nationalism and extremism at American University she says the normalization of hate speech may be well under way I think there is a danger here that people start to get a little bit cynical they downplayed or they think like it's not so bad but you know something that would have been shocking two or three or four or five years ago becomes much less shocking in two thousand nineteen to Jared Taylor this is progress the editor of the white nationalist site Amaran says he's gratified that his ideas are finally gaining some traction I have been injecting my ideas into the general conversation patiently and diligently for the last thirty years and I can assure you that more and more people agreed with Taylor's critics find that possibility horrifying they say this isn't just about rhetoric or an exchange of ideas they warn that these ideas are dangerous they're driving extremist violence in Charlottesville Pittsburgh el Paso and elsewhere toll rose NPR news Washington yesterday Washington's pro football team was just about to clinch their second win this NFL season the starting quarterback rookie to win Haskins just had to run one more meaningless play in what's called victory formation but no one could find Haskins here's head coach bill Callahan we're looking forward to turns out the twenty two year old quarterback was celebrating his first victory as a pro and a very generation Z. where he was taking a selfie with a fan in the stands twin Haskins explains I was so hyper their book a water bottle I look up in the room victory that on top of this over with a hurry but I get an extra rookie mistake they're doing the good news for football purist aghast at victory self fees this is Washington football after all so next time.

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