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I mean it'll be one hundred and fifty people on the supreme court in guam will the estate and the marshall islands will be a state. I mean it's just it's just a it's just an extra a grasping at power. When a person has lost legitimately look the democrats control all three branches of government right now and yet. That's not an or sorry. All the political branches of government se. And but that's not enough. They wanna they wanna take steps to expand the court and enhance their power even further. And and i. I would be saying the same thing if it was a republican administration trying to do this. It's just it's completely out of order and And it shouldn't. It shouldn't be done. Yeah well to say that you know one administration was packing the court next week. The republicans will be saying barack. Obama was packing the court. No he was duly elected he proposed a candidate and the congress affirmed and confirm those individuals. That's called the constitutional process of filling a vacancy at the supreme court. So i this political rebranding of what it means the size the scope the length of tenure. I agree with you. It seems this is all politically motivated. And we all right and left should reject this entirely. Carter sneed we will leave it there. And i want to remind people to get a copy of your book what it means to be human. The case for the body in modern bioethics really speaks to the under girding. The foundation of everything. We're talking about today. Carter sneed is the author that book. It's available bookstores everywhere. Carter thanks for being here. Thank you. Here's what i pose and join those who are. Rosie is a diplomatic boycott for heads of state to go to china in light of a genocide. That is ongoing. While you're sitting there in your seats really begs the question. What moral authority do you have to speak again about. Human nights any place in the world. That was speaker. Nancy pelosi on tuesday calling for a us diplomatic boycott of the twenty twenty two winter olympics in beijing to discuss the growing momentum of an olympic boycott against china. We're joined by. Us congressman. Chris smith of new jersey who co-chaired the hearing on the topic this week and reggie littlejohn founder and president of women's rights without frontiers. Who testified. Thank you both for being here. Congressman smith china in response to the call for a diplomatic boycott is saying pelosi is full of lies and false information your idea and and whether you think a diplomatic boycott is a cop out well i don't think diplomatic is strong enough is not commensurate with the gravity of genocide against an entire people the the people of jiang the muslim leaguers and the kazakhs. It's the most horrific thing we've seen one to three million people in concentration camps The use of forced abortion enforcer legislation to bring the numbers of children down The kidnapping of their children and raising them in a non weaker setting This is outrageous. It's cheating ping the dictator of china. It's doing it. It's his idea. So i think we need a penalty Comports with the gravity of the heinous crime and that ad hong kong and all the other human rights abuses that have been worsened under zhang. Being there needs to be a change of venue. Move to another city. It could be done. If there's the political will the ioc or to do that and we ought to be pushing for as a country and others should join us Or just boycotted. You can't go to. This is nine hundred thirty six. And the nazis reggie. You testified to congress calling for the boycott of the winter olympic olympics saint china's violating the thousand nine hundred forty eight convention on the prevention and punishment of the crime of genocide house. So well okay..

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