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Or not great i. don't know God. It's fucking funny. You know oddly get guys and you're gonNA. You're the words. Come out on my mouth. I get it more often than you'd think you're going to go. Yeah, that's an absolute. Not I get syrup pulse and a lot I. don't think look anything like her. She's a slender, gorgeous, stunning lesbian woman. Short, Hair Schmidt and all the Ryan Murphy Bits. There's no look. She's like a very slim woman. But for some reason, people say that we have the same face. I don't see it at all, but I'm just putting it out there. That's what I've gotten. Get it quite often. But Josh Gad fuck that is funny. Oh my God I love you. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Josh from Dallas for this. We need this kind of Giggle, and also I love your energy. Bill Miss You love you. Let's get to the next voicemail. Ichiro Cav from California I went to Ole. Miss to Hala Haughty Taty okay I have an absolutely yes. I just can't make it in my bathroom Wallace Napier podcast when you were seeing cannot marry Yo big. And, it's fucking amazing because I'm highest shit and my husband's on night shift. Okay, I love you. Bye Cab was from California girl skin on snake gone jaw. All you got your titties on your toes. Just Aaron out your dancing naked to lamb in smell young. If, you have not heard this song. You have to download it. Could you to right now listen to lamps, men young Dick Honestly one of the top hits of. Really, the world, thank you came out in like Oh three, but truly an iconic song, so let me get this straight. You smoke some Wayne Husbands on night shift. I don't know if he's a medical professional I'm GonNa? Go with that, so you're at home. Just let those titties flop God. There's nothing better than Yo. Man's Ain't home, and you undo that Bra and everything has shaking. You Bend Down to put some lotion on your legs and the tip of your. Areola hits the top of your show and you're just like fuck. Yeah, I got some long titties. Good for you. You can I be honest. I haven't smoked a lot of we during the lockup the lockup raw since we've been locked abroad i. have it and I think you know? Maybe the anxiety will kick in. Maybe this isn't my time. I've been drinking a lot. which we all know is great, you know and I will say the alcohols been hit me quicker than usual almost like if I'm up in crested butte Colorado about to hit the slopes. You have one beer when you're skiing and the next thing. It's like a gravity bong, you're like. I can't feel more eggs. That's me, but every day at about five.

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