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Weeks Captain America actor Chris Evans spread some cheer at Emerson hospital yesterday but making a video thanking healthcare workers fighting covert nineteen there Chris is from Sudbury and says it's one of his hometown hospitals ever since one of my hometown hospitals my niece and two nephews were born there you guys have always been so fantastic and I'm just so so deeply appreciative of all of your your your tireless efforts your of your commitment your courage your strength we we all need it so much right now and and it really does mean the world so thank you keep it up stay strong we hope for a speedy end to this virus so you guys can get back to families and yeah thank you from the bottom of my heart the hospital said the video message helped lift spirits of those who work there Drake is dropping a new mixtape that includes his reads recent hit to see slide self control is being darkling demo tapes features fourteen tracks Drake said he'll be releasing his sixth studio album this summer we got traffic and weather up next latest on the corona virus crisis how do you as the leader of Boston to make sure that people know what's really going on with expertise and trusted reporting talking to the press must also like to be the work begins from make sure it's an accurate missiles hostage thanks and we're liable to Boston radio do you plan to paint your house this spring he didn't plan to be stock in it but even if you're stuck in the house it doesn't mean you have to be stuck with how it looks all right she'll get the ultimate paint job I'm not where learners shield Merrick is most durable page also durable we back every job with a lifetime warranty obviously this sponsor focus hasn't been home improvement true our crews are a bit less busy but we're doing jobs right now in all this month we stayed inside the rules because we're outside.

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