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And poor glycemic control can result and quote choice of wasn't just dealing with failing health his relationships with his children were also faltering in nineteen ninetythree his son elie had been telling other members that joseph's rituals were fake since he learned the truth about the holograms and nineteen ninety many members initially dealt with the psychological stress of learning about the holograms by becoming more devout but by nineteen ninetythree even some of the cults most religious members were starting to suspect that joseph and luke were fraud odds one member told joseph quote there are serious crumbling 's and you know them here they are everything we saw and heard in certain places has been a trick i have known this for some time tony twat has been talking about this for years already i've always refused to pay attention to these rumors but the evidence is growing and questions are being asked this calls into question many things i've seen and messages i would be really upset if i had to conclude that i'd seriously prostrated myself in front of an allusion and quote joseph couldn't have been happy that his own son eli's revelations about the holograms were convincing members to leave the solar temple beyond the fact that this was a personal betrayal the solar temple was struggling financially due to the dozens of members who were defecting in the early nineties but joseph wasn't show struggling in his relationship with his son he was also having trouble handling his twelve year old daughter emmanuel from the moment emanuel was born joseph had proclaimed her to be the solar temples messiah and cosmic child but emmanuel just wanted to be normal kid who went to the movies and listened to pop music emmanuel's growing independence left joseph feeling threatened between his struggles with his children his health problems the negative public opinion of the solar temple and the defections of many of the cult's members joseph felt like the world was against him by summer of nineteen ninetythree joseph himself said in an audiotape quote we are rejected by the whole world i by the people the people who can no longer withstand us and our hearth happily she rejects us how could we leave otherwise we also reject this planet we wait for the day we can leave and quote by the end of nineteen ninetythree both joseph and luke were struggling to keep the solar temple going the cult was also struggling financially their membership had whittled down from three hundred people to about one hundred people lucan joseph funded the cult and their own lifestyles by stealing their members money after losing over two hundred members the cult leaders were drawing from severely reduced pool of wealth and the cult's financial future only grew.

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