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General Rod Rosenstein, Attorney, Justice Department discussed on Bloomberg Markets


All right Lisa thank you was apparently a calmer night of protests across the country the knights past but that isn't deterring president trump in his get tough approach this morning the was re tweeting posts about clashes with police in Milwaukee and damage to property in Manhattan saying the National Guard is ready Terry Haines with Pangea policy tells Bloomberg radio the president is likely to continue that hardline as I think he put it I am your law and order president and and that's where he wants to go I mean not just substantively but also because he he sees political appeal it still no Republican governors have taken the president up on his offer to send in the military some Republicans have criticized that photo op in front of a fire damaged church outside the White House Senate judiciary chairman Lindsey Graham is moving ahead with a hearing on what president trump has dubbed Obama gate accusations that the FBI and justice department were biased against him in properly targeted his twenty sixteen campaign former deputy Attorney General rod Rosenstein is appearing before the committee in his prepared testimony he will say applications for FISA warrants that he approved against trump campaign figures appeared to be justified distancing himself from knowing about any wrongdoing the U. S. government is warning China that it will suspend the passenger airline flights from that nation if Beijing does not allow American carriers to re enter that market actually responds to China's failure to permit U. S. carriers from expanding service in the wake of the covered nineteen outbreak that prompted flight cuts earlier this year that notice was released from the department of transportation global news twenty four hours a day on air and on QuickTake by.

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