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Everybody on this Thursday yeah we just had a crack listen yeah it was for yeah the disease I'm gonna say yes the land just closed their park Disneyland I don't know about Disney world but we should yeah I know so that's happening so I feel like slowly everything's just bad time for Disney not to replace the the C. E. O. of theme parks after they moved the theme park CEO into Bob Uyghurs plays he's so relieved to have a job anymore but I'm just saying you know like they that's why the CEO there hasn't been one because really Disney land and Disney world you've got a lot of international visitors they have the one in Hong Kong they've got the one in Paris that got all these are high said about China at that if they've closed council yeah yeah anyway now isn't well ECM the academy of country music as of right now the April fifth award show which that is you know voted three weeks away well the one that Keith urban is the host of they are planning on still holding that MGM garden arena in Las Vegas and they said they are going to they'll be monitoring the spread of corona virus so I don't know if they're gonna ask questions are putting in a plan to raise him but yours yeah whatever you know but that as far as the academy of country music right now that is still a goal in Las Vegas on April fifth so that is some good music news and then Disney and all they did find time to by Peter Jackson this documentary we've talked about it a few times the Beatles get back documentary that Peter Jackson's lord of the rings yes yes yes that he he did and Bob Eiger even though he's not the CEO of Disney anymore he still like in charge yes he's the one that made the announcement at the shareholders meeting we've got this thing so really strange things happening at Disney are better able to see it for what they say they have is that get back as a front row seat to the inner workings of the genius says B. the Beatles at ATA seminal music moment in history was spectacularly restored footage it looks like it was just shot yesterday mmhm cool it's from the let it be recording session yeah call now play together and the last week of how they've was that in the rough yes the rooftop of yes they they did perform on the rooftop and yeah got in trouble please all the new Peter Jackson he did that World War one documentary they shall not grow old you know it never never said yes they shall not grow old it is amazing what he did with that one I don't know I'd have to check my streaming deceive anybody streaming that but no you can just say in the microphone on your your your your your remote not even as Comcast yeah you could they show that goal but this Beatles thing is as good as the they shall not grow old is gonna be really good all right well he's pretty good filmmaker yeah I mean think about how smart he was to do the lord of the rings sign everybody up and do the bam bam bam back to back if you say what you think of how much money would twenty four months yeah you know and just did it I still have never seen one aha we did take your mom to one I know you said you did not care for it yeah I feel like we would have similar tastes yeah I loved the lord of the rings I like that that whole spectacle yeah Saturday she like that spectacle you to lord of the rings you know depending on how long social distance you less you might be able to get her during that time page seventeen all right now this just really chapter by chapter if I can say this has to end you still have a beer chaps B. yes I do a jury extra small Harley Davidson chaps they still haven't because you never know when I might need for costumer great for someone I love our own I love that you there is zero their next call from Harley Davidson you know those close run small well not really but I mean the that's a site that I got you know exercise mall that's the size that they come but yeah I get them because what if I go on a motorcycle ride with my dad who is really the only person who are able to trust right give me a break right now you know because I am I am and I had my own bike yeah I no one is as good as you I don't like getting ride I never did I never did either I always wanted to hi yeah yeah that way you feel that way in a cab to use a dual grass tiny we're in the back of the cab driving around get the cabin in Las Vegas and lorries telling them why do you why last read more dad streets easier way to go against traffic and finally what seventeen directions I just looked at her and I said why do you care yeah because I felt that he was getting trying to get more yeah good long right out of us going down the strip I don't like going why isn't it in lights and traffic lights and traffic because I'm like wait and see what they've done there and they've been there looks like and I'm like why I'm to go back and use flamingo road like the back entrance I like it is terrible being because he knows the directions better than anybody well in Las Vegas I am just his cab driver there I've been going to town for a long time I used to do business in that time Germany Germany down go Vegas is a town that I feel very familiar with because once you've been somewhere over a hundred times are you can about see about it I guess but I don't gas is as I'm bossy in different areas yeah we bust compliment each other because you different areas finally looked at him like do we really care about is I wanted to get back to the beauty of the butterfly she oh sure yeah in a field trip yeah we were in the fields have okay just down and dirty last year when I was carting you guys around you or sell next week thank right go straight what do you the.

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