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Feels that this is not that offensive or they don't understand what's wrong with it. Take whoever you are putting you on your knees. But you want a pedestal and put some other person above you and see how you would feel about that. I just feel like it was a very subservient view that a lot of African Americans didn't agree with. And it finally Finally we did something about it. The Boston Art Commission voted unanimously to remove the statue in June, and now its pedestal is empty. At Park Square in Boston. Karen Regal WBZ Boston's news radio, a black woman who was the victim of a mistaken raid on her home in Chicago in 2019, has now canceled the planned meeting tomorrow with the mayor of Chicago. Anjanette Young was naked. When Chicago police busted into her home and then handcuffed her. It was the wrong home. Chicago's mayor publicly apologized to Young and the two were to meet this week. But Young's lawyer says Mayor Lori Lightfoot didn't agree to the parameters of the meeting. Like what says details are still being worked out, also canceled a meeting between young and dozens of alderman because Young's attorney says it would violate Corona virus, pandemic restrictions and potentially violate the open meetings. Act. Jennifer Kuipers, CBS NEWS Chicago. Oh, wait to Wall Street we go, Andrew all day is that Bloomberg getting closer and closer to a new year like the set a few more records, but not today. Not today. Now lost 68. NASDAQ Down 49 S and P 500 down eight. We were higher earlier. But the effort by Senate Democrats to get to $600 stimulus checks bumped up to 2000 pushed demanded by the president in a case of strange political bedfellows. That effort faded after Republicans blocked to stand alone vote on the increase, and that's effective. The market stocks have been on quite the ride this year records early, then the pandemic crash, then recovery to new records. As recently as yesterday. Through it all traders made massive sums of money for Wall Street banks, but their reward might be modest. Bank of America is keeping the bonus pool for traders at last year's level. Citigroup is leaving get unchanged for stock traders, although it's raising it for bond traders Andrew today. Bloomberg Business on WBZ, Boston's NewsRadio one in the kitchen. Oh,.

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