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Kill for that. I don't have any. I don't make any money like that for endorsements bryce young. It's and this is what's interesting about. This too is that it seems like players in certain athletes are going to get paid differently and you see on social media or wherever athletes are trying to endorse themselves or not doors and trying to get. Endorsements like hey. Vitamin is looking to sponsor b. I'm right here. Is that what we're gonna go with now just h-have who wants to sponsor me. I'm right here now. I wonder how some athletes are going to react. There's gonna be some athletes that don't make money off. Endorsements compared to others are going to be some my transfers because guys want to transfer to a small university or a better chance to be a starting quarterback so they can get an endorsement like. I have a feeling. We're going to start to see that you're going to start to see you guys. Not only their transient. Because they're not getting playing time because but because they see the guys in front of them making all this money and they're not getting any of it as far as the endorsements that athlete gets so we see more transfers. And i'm not saying that i should transfer but i'm just saying that this is what the effect that i think it could happen at these athletes. If they have not seen the field for a year or two they may want to leave go to a small university be the starting position player. Whatever they are at the university and now they're trying to get endorsement. So you're i think personally. I think you're going to see the transfer portal rise. I don't think you'll see it fall. I think you're gonna see it. Rise because some guys now are going to school just to play sports some guys or or women who ever going into the school to play sports and if they are not playing because they're not getting the endorsements they are going to transfer more often and the ncw has gotten rid of the one year. Sit out rule so now these athletes can go wherever they want to not sit out one time though yet pressure. You can't take advantage of it all the time but one time to find a chance to make some money and i think that's what's going to happen. I mean wrong. I hope i am wrong. And i hope that these athletes are going to make money regardless of where where the are on their depth chart. But it's not. It's not gonna happen like like what's the what's it called like. A starting quarterback in the nfl will have a bigger sponsor usually over a backup usually over a third string. They are the starters. They had the face of the team.

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