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And that's coming off of him. The brad hand it was a couple fell balls for kitty bells. Yeah i said it made me uncomfortable. I tweet it out. i was like ken. Rosenthal missing on a report makes me feel wildly like Like a girl approaching hubs at the bar. I just don't know how to. I don't even want to be around it. It is a it. Leaves you second guessing. Because then you can can. I can i tweet. This is this right can come on. Yeah i'm very confused about that. But he's that sucks. I the whole i. I wrote the whole fucking blog about bramley and i mapped out the lineup. And i was like. This lineup is sexual. It's just a little bit different now. Like who do you have kitchen clinton oscar hernandez clean up now. Yeah well absolutely. why not. because that's a lot of righties. I mean that's sports springer springer the shell grill. Laura's yeah that's a lot of right either through your lefties in your six year. Top six editors there but whatever i mean if there's any team that does not give a fuck about right left right in the lineup. It's the toronto blue jays. The you back to your bags. Those mashing teams twenty fifteen and sixteen. It was like josh donaldson nacional. Joey batista russell martin like hey we have a bunch of right handers. Justin smoak in there. Just to turn your. Yeah yeah so why go. Bradley is not in the great north. He is back in houston on a two year. Thirty two million dollar deal. I don't know that there's really much to go over here. Much excited about the astros. You're excited because guy. I just wanted to know how. I just wanna know how i don't care i don't care about the baseball angle of michael brantley staying with the houston astros. I want to know how to people felt comfortable enough to report it. That within hours he had to deal with the astros. How who can we. Who can we ask about that I mean you could ask any writer. But they're going to tell you. Think exactly what i told you is they just can saw. The hazel may report. And it was like i need to get into action. Look i need to redeem. I redeem myself fucking report. So i'm fired off this believe it. I really genuinely do. I believe it's as simple as that. Like you sitting there like fuck. I don't know if i can let this happen again. I can't let this happen again. I got a buyer this off. Shit yeah i mean i would say the scoop race. Who do you think is winning. Passing passing probably has the most schools this winter. Yes passan's got a bunch. I mean like hayman hayman is the king of like how the fuck this is due to have a job he literally all he does is credit people who are i like. He's the reporter who reports. Who reported shit. That's not a job. Anyone could do that. How many fucking times is heyman had it. I haven is. Oh yeah fuck it. I just signed jason tions of the yankees catching up on credit here. This person had it i. This person was on it. What do you do also so hamish aside. This is john. This is john completely out of the conversation here writers that do that period like stop it. Can we just stop it. Like just re tweeted. Someone re tweet. Who had i. That's it that's it. What a tie onto the yankees so-and-so's on it. This person was first. This person reported that it was close. Just fucking retweet them. What are we doing honestly. It's because i do feel like they feel if they fire it off and somebody else does that. Maybe isn't paid to break this kind of news or whatever they're almost like. Oh yeah well that was just somebody who does it do what we do it. They don't count. who's the person who broke it. They get paid to break it. Let's give them the credit. That's not how it goes. I've read the last time. I broke something i mean. Obviously he never gave me credit. Most of the national. Bob nightingale did give me credit. I forget what the fuck this story was. Though i had something somewhat recently a fuck i don't remember but yeah nightingale gave me credit. Maybe megaphone balls did. But i don't think i don't think i don't think jimmy heyman daddy. Nobody wanted to credit me for my For me breaking the susan's lesser switching. Beats from the oakland a.'s to the giants. I didn't even know that that happened. It was it was huge. It was massive. Lot of people. Were talking about well. She's been a fixture over there for a long long time like all jokes aside. She's a she's an og. she's first book. Campbell president of the bbc w a couple of days on there but rallied back to the astros two year. Thirty two piece They don't have george springer anymore. That's okay they've got kyle tucker. They've got miles straw. Who is probably the fastest human being in baseball Do you like the length deal knowing that springer's thirty one. Yeah i mean. Because i can see springer i can see him. You know i can see him. Perform the only thing that i worry about is he does play the game. Game heart heart. You know what. I see it as though i see it comparable to when john lester sign with the cubs and it was like that first guy. That was a big name in the free agent market over to an organization that wasn't necessarily known for going out and grabbing big-name free agents but they made it okay for other free agents to be like. I think that that's an attractive option. Let's talk because this is the first deal since vernon wells. I believe that we have two thousand six. He extended was like one hundred and twenty six million dollar extension. That he got in the mid. Two thousand The average annual value. I think russell martin was the one that had the most expensive av but in terms of overall dollars it was the vernon wells extension in two thousand six. I believe the year was so so shout out to the blue jays the dip and back into the junior in high school the last time the blue jays dished out that kinda coin for a major league baseball. And that's i was still. I was still fucking slow. dance into. Don't wanna miss a thing and grabbing asses at junior prom when the blue jays spent that kind of coin on a major league talent. By the way i was in court. I don't know if you know that what the wrong class president. It's like you're not prom king. You're not prom queen but like the prom court is like.

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