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News I'm Renee montagne a video of a shocking arrest has been generating outrage since it appeared online a few weeks ago it shows an Orlando police officer arresting a student and zip tying her hands before escorting her to his car the girl was just six years yeah it it it makes you cry do you hear that every time every time that's Monique Morris she's executive producer of a documentary airing next week on PBS it's called push out the criminalization of black girls in schools she is author of a book of the same name by the way the child we just heard her family said she'd thrown a tantrum and it kicked a school staff member that's why the police were called and Monique Morris welcome to the program hello if you would please lay out for us some statistics that are there it's truly shocking starting with the fact that black girls make up just sixteen percent of the students nationally in public schools but what has the research found black because of the only group of girls who are disproportionately over represented across the spectrum of discipline and at every educational level so that means that black girls are six to seven times more likely than their white counterparts to experience an out of school suspension they are nearly three times more likely to be arrested on school campuses and so we see you know these incidents like again across the spectrum of discipline in schools where black girls are experiencing harm in this way well let's hear from well one of the girls that we see in in your documentary her name is some Maya she's talking about how her teacher treated her when she was in second grade.

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