Simpsonville South Carolina, Officer, John Stevenson discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Eight hundred eight nine nine eighty nine twenty two that's eight hundred eight nine nine eighty nine twenty two did he forget he was wearing a body camera when he shot the homeowner in Simpsonville South Carolina back in June the sheriff's deputy reported the man opened his door and pointed a gun at him the deputies own body cam video released on Monday shows the homeowner never open that door a dramatic scene called on a deputy's body camera as this South Carolina homeowner pleas for help after being shot by the deputy the officer arrived at the Greenville county home after receiving a call of the panic alarm ABC's linsey Davis the homeowner lived deputy on paid administrative leave well multiple investigations run their course ABC John Stevenson says it's thumbs up for a now four time champion all browse again wins the annual world some wrestling finals in a small English town of guilds to filter the well to the time to talk for the fourth time in a very with that feels amazing it's a best of three one minute rounds played on a wooden board that resembles a wrestling ring two contestants stick their thumbs through holes in the ring trying to pin down the others from organizer Rory then bellus you could not go a big strong some they in a small stay in agile thumb is just as good as that champion browsers he rigorously trains with some ups on door frames chucks Iverson ABC news this is ABC news did you know that the IRS is getting more aggressive these days they're using private agencies to track you down don't wait if you owe more than ten thousand dollars take advantage of the.

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