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Now it's time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell leaving arts good evening rachel it's i'm talking to you i thought it was a joke within you didn't say anything else i didn't know i'm very sorry let me do it again see you monday and now it's time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell you got it a great great weekend rachel thank you donald trump ran for president claiming the barack obama's record creating jobs didn't really matter because federal jobs data is all phony anyway you may remember all that well today donald trump is claiming credit for yes what those exact same numbers show now if there's a problem with the data it turns out tonight we can tell you that's a problem caused by donald trump who leaked a hint at what was coming by tweeting about the report an hour before the labor department officially releases this data and that stunned the communists according to new york times and actually wrist a market shift because fast acting traders could place bets on an optimism fueled market surge now let's be clear the aren't any strong laws against tweeting about this data right before it comes out it's more of a logical responsible practice that literally every single president has followed has political scientists brendan ion has written during this trump era quote we normally count on politicians to restrain themselves out of fear of public consequences but it's trump's election showed the polarization in partisanship of our era has weakened those guardrails and trump says he doesn't care about many types of public consequences he boasts about that that he won't listen to the guidance of certain experts or the advice of the nonpartisan civil service corps the federal government certainly not the standards of public rebuke or shame that have always police norms of how we speak and how we treat each other and the last category is something trump campaigned against specifically he dubbed it of course political correctness and less it's donald trump this week demanding political correctness for his critics only today agitating for the firing of comedian santa samantha b because she used a vulgarity one that many of us object to of course against vonk trump now put aside the tweets and the sideshows and trump's grinding attempts to undermine the russia probe and there's still other things going on.

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