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But it's not like going to university in getting a degree in taking it off the list. It's a lifestyle that you're just incorporating the steps everyday, on all of a sudden, you're doing the recipe and everything's works, and your magically, getting stuff done. You don't have this chemical dread cascade, or you don't do the recipe and then things go back to the way, they work, right? So this can become your normal like like rewrite not like it's just rewiring it. So this does become your normal. Yes. And then over time, and it does take time to rewire Euronet will. Yeah. Definitely put it really does change the plasticity of the brain, you can do things. So that's one component. Another component would be. There's a great. It's something called activation energy in. There's, there's a speaker on YouTube called, Sean acre think he teaches at Harvard any calls activated energy, which is very helpful piece of this for people to know that's the getting ready to get ready part. Right. Ready and that's the part that we discount. So if you're gonna if you are planning new exercise thing, and you're gonna oh, I haven't been running for a year in tomorrow to start running a mile a day, and you're gonna do some, you have some big thing in mind. One way to help yourself is to get rid of the activation, energy. Get rid of the little steps that it would take to get you started. Because those we think are tampering, thanks. Those are nothing may take a few seconds often but may, but they completely kill it for us. Right. So, for example, Sean, acre, he said he wanted to play guitar, and it kept having an intention to play the guitar, and he had to walk ten feet to the closet, where the Qatari was any, only played two days out of a month. He wanted to play guitar, but the next intention, he got rid of that ten feet and he put the guitar on a little stand right at the end of the couch and getting rid of just those ten feet changed it. And he ended up practicing every day, so. Oh, how that could look for someone else might be. For example, he wanna be exercising, but you notice new go to bed thinking exercise tomorrow, when you wake up in the morning, need hit the snooze alarm. You don't do that. You could enact case, get your workout clothes all laid out, and they're either at the end of the bed, or your sneakers are at the door. Ready to go with your gym bag? It just makes a crazy difference. Right. It makes a crazy difference you would think that shouldn't matter but it's so it does it so funny. That, that reminds me when I was living in New Zealand, working with a client. And like the like you get most people know know what eating healthy. Most people exercising good free. And so, I was kind of like to refer over sort of rehab for people that wanted to lose weight, get health because they've got all the diets tried all the all the things. Yes. And they would walk into my office going, I okay. When whatever it is you do. Can you do that for me? Because nothing's working stick to it for three months. I fall off and I had one client. And honestly, we started with her actually putting on her running shoes at night, and wearing them to that. Oh, wow. That's what it took. She like the backpack was right by her nightside table. And her running shoes were on now mind shit and take running shoes off to get her like her gym clothes on. But that I mean, the first nation sleep. Well, you know, but it worked. Right. And I'm like, why can't I do something for myself for the stuff that I'm putting you can you? Absolutely. I mean it's the bigger. We can't do the whole thing on. But it's bigger but there's, there's another piece to this. That's really helpful, which is that silliness isn't a component is so silliness is the opposite brain chemistry to dread at a little bit of silliness. I recommend that everybody go get on easy buttons from Staples. Oh, jed serious or easy buttons for Staples dot com or Staples dot e you if you're in Europe, they're like seven bucks..

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