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And i'm sorry of felt you had to take a break and of family thing i you know your priorities are obviously in the right place but in in our next i'm just take a break from your family i'm kidding don't take take a break from your federal epa good faith it gets fifteen who but look virago barack obama drove a lot of this at i've got i've got some audio of him today from over his presidency with the police acted stupidly and you know uh black people and latinos can't get a break can the police are racist and you know there have been at least twelve police officer assassinated reagan congressman scalise was shot by a bernie sanders supporter and there's a report out this morning actually that congressman scalise there is still recovering is going to do an interview with sixty minutes y sixty minutes out or nobody decided to do an interview with sixty minutes to talk about what's going on with him but you know this is the state of affairs we are congress meeting shall we got police officers being assassinated we've got a racial division like i haven't seen it in in my lifetime and this is entirely driven by the democratic party because this is how they keep their base angry and coming to the polls and giving money because there are going to save the world from all these terrible racists everywhere that they'd conjured up in their minds and now you live in upper marlboro j of awful all right i'll travelled out of all komo yeah okay and in another thing that there is only not o f f given to us is it not our problem and if you don't you don't even when you want to her people understand each latter tactical thing could make a feel good about you fell where you can protest put you have the right i mean you don't want anybody when you got to understand will white america would fill offended by picketed me so put you had a right don't necessarily me you right and back pay and again i just think donald trump to help the issue at the wrong thing you know you may have the right in in but i like the fate of home but when he dropped and and he doesn't drink of course and now a.

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