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Excited by the ground game that we've got moving excited to have Bernie. Sanders coming in into this area and I know what that will do for helping. Us get a plurality of the vote that we need in order to win doors. Open at ten the rally starts at eleven health experts are making sure they, contact everyone who's come in contact with three measles patients in. Pinellas county touch on every place that the case might have been in contact with or visited whether it's a public setting or someone's home or playmates house so any type of setting where we already know that these cases were visiting. Have been contacted and we're, working with With them Maggie hall penelas. Health department says all three patients two of whom are in the same household. Were not vaccinated for the measles virus something. Health experts strongly advocate Florida Senator Bill Nelson says he and fellow. Senator Marco Rubio want congress to pass a water resources Bill that would address one of the causes of red tide, it includes a critical project to address the algae by providing additional water storage for lake Okeechobee so that the army corps doesn't have to discharge so. Much to the east and west the Saint Lucy and Qaluza Hatschi rivers carry algae from the lake to the coast and contribute to red tide this as marine laboratory in Sarasota begins testing a filter that could clean, up the tide maybe finally turning Elliott felt Cioni with the. Bradenton area convention and visitors bureau says he just went out to Anna Maria island and the beaches were clear and The air was clean so we're hoping, that signs of things improving but as you know as we all know red tide. Is unpredictable it could be, beautiful today not short tomorrow but right now the signs are good that we're seeing improvement out there hell Cioni says state officials assured them that they will use. The half million dollars emergency grants allocated to help local businesses recover and get the word out to tourists that the beaches are open hundreds of migrant children separated from their families have still not been reunited Justice department lawyers reported in court filings that five hundred sixty five children were still in. Government shelters in June a federal judge gave the Trump administration until July twenty six to. Reunite thousands of children with their migrant families the Vatican has finally reacted. To the horrific grand jury report from Pennsylvania, about the, abuse of more than one thousand Children by three hundred. Catholic priests victims should, know that the pope is on their side. Those who have suffered, are his priority Sean, Dougherty helped launch the. Investigation he was just ten, years old when. His family priests began sexually abusing him what's your response to the Vatican's. Response you pulled an old statement out of the archives you know Roman Catholic playbook and the Vatican page name a number the Vatican says the pope is on your side what do you say to that he's on, my so he hasn't been on my side ever Nikki Batiste, reporting a fight over Aretha Franklin might have led to a shooting in Virginia that seriously injured a, person a witness told police two men were arguing about whether Halle Berry should play Franklin in a movie Franklin. Died at the age of seventy six on Thursday meanwhile tributes for the Queen of soul happening all over the country They. Sang and they remembered twain of so anything that she saying anything that she. Touched hands of a wreath of Franklin gathered next to. Her, star on the Hollywood Boulevard walk of fame feel-good our ESP Many recalled seeing her performing concerts Alannah, followed her I followed her yes I did me and, my crew in, many places yesterday including.

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