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Okay. So in the middle of this horrible winter at Valley Forge there's this legend the crops up by legend one day. There's a Quaker Tori his name is Isaac pots, and he's walking through the woods. And here's what he writes, in that woods pointing to a close view. I heard a plaintiff sound as of a man of prayer. I tied my horse to a sapling and went quietly into the woods and to my astonishment. I saw the great George Washington on his knees alone with his sword on one side and his cocked hat on the other at. The God of the armies beseeching to impose with his divine aid, as it was a crisis and the cause of the country and humanity and of the world such a pair. I never heard from the lips of man. I left him alone. Praying I went home and told my wife, I saw a site and heard today what I never saw or heard before and just related to her what I had seen and heard and observed we never thought a man could be a soldier and a Christian. But if there is one in the world, it is Washington. She was also astonished we thought it was the cause of God in America could prevail. He then put me out his right hand and said I turned right about and became a wig. Meaning he started backing the American caused Washington told his aides that he would share it in the hardship partake of every inconvenience and he did by the time the army left Valley Forge they're actually better provision and trained than they had ever been before when they did leave. There was an incident that occurred the deepen the myth of Washington Washington's forces sought to harass the army of General, Henry Clinton who is heading from Philadelphia to New York Washington sense ahead. General Charles lead to lead the fighting, and he told lead to hold Clinton in place until Washington's entire army could arrive instead Lee retreated Washington, apparently cursed him out so viciously that General Charles Scott said, quote, the leaves shook on the free Washington, then took personal command of the troops. According to yet, he said that Washington's personal presents stopped the retreat Alexander Hamilton who you'll recall from the musical as well as history. Washington's top aide said other officers have great merit in performing their parts. Well, but he directed the whole with the skill of a master workman. The British ended up fleeing from New York Washington had a much needed victory. And there's another hard winter general Benedict Arnold betrayed the Republican fled to the side of the British Washington had to execute a British spy Major John Andre who was executed after the British refused to trade Benedict Arnold four John Andre if you ever watch the AMC series turn into a really good job of portraying what happened there by now Washington at Artie despaired of taking back New York. Instead, he decided to unite with French forces and captured the British army at Yorktown, which was the southern command general Cornwallis the commander at your town had been running roughshod through the south, but Cornwallis decided big mistake to hold hold up on the peninsula of York, James rivers. And wait for reinforcements. And it's there the Washington strikes. The seizure of your town ends with the surrender of some seven thousand British troops on October nineteenth seventeen eighty one. And people think that ended the war. It didn't work continued for another two years. But the momentum was now in Washington's favour, and he would need it because by seventeen eighty three Washington's officers were tired of being in the continental army. There were sick of the congress which refused to pay them on time and her refused. Them back pay his officers actually began to circulate a letter at Newburgh New York that they plan to send to congress announcing a revolt against the continental congress. Right. As the Americans were about to win the war. And this is when Washington steps in again, he first issues an order forbidding unsanctioned meetings. And then he calls his own for March fifteenth seventeen eighty three and there he ripped into the officers said gentlemen, find anonymous summons an attempt has been made two convenient together. How inconsistent with the rules of propriety hell unmilitary, he then begged his officers to place a full confidence in the purity of the intentions of congress, and then came one of the most famous Washington moments. He reaches into the breast pocket to re read a letter he's received from congress, and he takes out his spectacles and fumbles with them. And then one of the most famous lines in American history. He says gentlemen, you must pardon me. I have grown old in the service of my country. And now find that I am going blind the officers start crying. Everybody recognizes that Washington is given his entire life for this. And the mutiny dissolves wanna return I'm gonna tell the rest of the story of George Washington on.

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