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I respect that and then I just don't feel the. well I would feel like. he's been over to the Superbowl he's made unbelievable this retreat this. all three of you an old favorite of the field for is I'm concerned I'm curious to see what you guys chat with me in ladies chapel. what do you think also right now baseball. thank you for reading all right up for your I don't hear ray's thoughts don't you get a load that Eric right hello that did you the way in from the dining table. you live baby I am on and off the field he's waiting for his dinner to come and he's like honey will be talking about do you live betting who does that someone is definitely holding. what is he doing someone holding the phone for awhile you that dinner is that like a outdoor cafes got his under armor golf shirt on and there's Dick just like what we can repair. some ten to get off let's go you start Jeff bring about you what yes he's a hall of Famer yes to yes you know the whole thing yes you will you will don't agree but I he will well this is your generation quarterbacks now I mean Robbins road will be there has he ever been a top five in one season quarterback in all the holes in the media and the whole frame rings man because of a great defense yep and two lucky place that's right. which is not on that and rob is better too this is your lease has numbers at least has the numbers and was one of the top producing quarterbacks in his time he lie never was this is the fear of these is this is your year of quarterbacks this is your generation of artifacts that fed him right they're going in they're going in. I said I need to know what's next all right after this generous like the collar Murray Europe who would who would call back to going in from that era right it's it's we've had a decade of the same quarterback so now it's like who's gonna hold the hold the trophy knocks look what you've got you had manning you had big band Russell Wilson. more likely yes yeah so breeze you have reached forever Brady for yeah exactly head grew like six to eight really good quarterbacks for awhile now and now they're all hurting in and getting it now the leak this is something else that you can hold over genex and baby boomers for your generation you saw the greatest quarterback to ever play the song of the outbreak structured. right that's it and I know that hurts Fred's hard so but because he was a big Montana guy but you know what. sorry thank the Montana verses Elway conversation is okay because all right yeah. he's rude napkins or not rooting quarterbacks. mascot yeah..

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