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And Anna. She's wearing the Cheetah elephant quarantine. I'm going to also be what tonight's lane. Yeah let's hear from any in Boston. Hey Bobby his CAITLYN's yet to go to the grand old opry when you do the shows and just a footnote for his wife. Kidney Stones Lemonade all right there. You Go The question by Kaitlyn. No nobody goes to the opera with me. So if you're new to this show I host and produce a TV show. That's called opry and because of what's happened the Grand Ole opry has had to stop with crowds. So I go every Saturday. We livestream it. We ideas on like eighty stations around the country in the circle network as well and people go up in just a couple of artists and they sit up there and they play this week shows massive by the way but No she can't go. I can't take anybody with me. They have rules about how many people can be in the building and we're all very social distance. So that's kind of an alone jobs for me. At least here I get to talk to you. And I'm far away from my cameraman my producers just in my ear. I sit on the bench by myself. I mean I'm Satterfield. We are it does feel weird. I loved the Grenelle operate. Obviously so that's why we started that show that's why produce the show more than I hosted But Yeah No. She doesn't get to go. She sits here usually she makes dinner which is crazy and she's like okay. Eight thirty I get back and I could eat dinner. She's such a good. Cook Crazy Albino I. She doesn't to go. I was reading a story by jobs though the sexiest an unsexy EST jobs for guys. What do you think the sexiest job is for a man pilot? That's what your husband does not make the list. No K firefighter. No Oh doctor. Doctors Number One because they have high income in their trustworthy now. Sorry I wasn't facing off. Income Wall sexy. I mean sure. Let's sexy about people's in some people's eyes A lawyer is it number two. Wow I just see doctors and lawyers as Yao really awesome people. I'm sure but in a lot. Okay to if you're looking for someone to be with forever. Aren't you looking for someone who is smart and can provide into and then if you're married to a lawyer? They probably win every argument. Yeah that'd be tough. A PSYCHIATRIST IS AT NUMBER THREE FOR SEXIEST JOBS. For men is that sexy. He's probably analyzing every move. I make the unsexy EST jobs for men tow truck drivers at number one because to do that job. You have to be mean and very rude. Oh I bet they're not I bet for them. It's hard sometimes. They're towing a truck or car. They're probably like Oh man hates it at the do this. I hated I hated. I hate it but it's job. Yeah I don't know I don't think you'd keep doing it if you hate it that much. Oh well hey if you got to. The bills. Trash collector is at number two. Because it's smelly and TV producer is unsexy because of the odd hours so if the sexiest job for for a woman a doctor would be up. That'd be a good one I but I put that for me too. I think just a doctor so trustworthy and smart and you know me. I Love Smart Radio Persons on on there though. It just missed it. It was just missed it. We're in the middle of our forced movie reviews. We all drew. Somebody's name gets recommended. Movie for them. And Morgan. Watch steel magnolias. As was forced on her amy and gave it four and a half out of five showbiz. Shelby's you really enjoyed that movie Yeah I was really besides making me cry yes I really liked it. We pulled up all the rotten tomatoes from all these movies to see who got the best end of the deal and Black Panther was ninety. Seven percent positive lunchbox. Watching mine was the worst by far is making me watch box of moonlight. That is the only one in the sixties. Everybody else was seventies eighties or nineties sixties. Ain't bad sixty one percent his mind so I have to start tonight. I guess I'm going to watch like twenty minutes of it but lunchbox did watch Black Panther sent to him by Morgan Number. Two okay. Let's you're forced review of Black Panther. Yeah so going in. I was really excited because there was so much hype behind this movie. Everybody talks about how great it is and I'll be honest with you. It was awful boring like there wasn't much action for a like a like a Comic Book Action Movie. The supposed to be a lot of fighting and there was not very much I was just like okay can we get to some fighting images storyline. Okay Boring Boring. I didn't really think it was that good. I thought it was way overrated way over hyped and maybe that was the problem. Maybe I was just expecting excellent things because everybody talked about how so it was so great. And you're gonNA love it and you're GonNa be amazed and I was just like man. This is not that good. Are you sure you didn't Watch Pink Panther? Pretty sure I watched it. Okay what are you? What are you ready to give it two and a half out of five? Wow listen I saw bypass I loved it. Did you now my kids. Did they love De Movie? Mike is podcast movies. What'd you think of Black Panther? I mean that's one of the best marvel movies. Great box of being a contrarian here big one hundred percent okay. Well it's his review. His force review is two and a half. What kind is five yes okay? Ninety seven percent positive Moroccan tomatoes. I guess I guess I'm a three percent right. They're not it's not. It's everybody's Cup of tea but do you like the superhero movies. I like some of them like I liked ironman because I felt like iron man was a lot of action. The whole time fights fights craziness. This was just I was just. I wasn't my cup of tea. I can't ruin it. There's things that I want to say but I don't want to ruin it for people that I'm just like okay. That's just What else have you seen other than Ironman? I've Seen Batman. Okay Not Marvel okay. That's it all you haven't so you haven't seen any of the series though. I'm seeing any of them so I'm just jumping into this one and I was just like okay cool but that's okay as long as you know. Jump into avengers like that. I think I haven't seen avengers and I at one point. I even called Morgan number. Two and I was like am. I supposed to die miss something from another show because I don't know what's happening right here. And she was like just watching. Explain it and it did explain it but I thought I'd missed it from one of the other movies Morgan. How you feel about him. Hating Black Panther hurts my heart a lot but I can't hate him for his own opinion but Black Panther is a fantastic movie. I mean he's just wrong. It's also really good. Okay Next up amy has to watch parasite Eddie has to watch eight mile and I have to read the cliff notes of box of moonlight. You got to watch the whole movie. Come on okay come on. I mean I don't worry mine. I have to watch great. I've seen parasite I know the subtitles or mugging you. You'll forget about it. You're just going with the bad attitude and your rating is ninety. Nine percent amy come on like that and Black Panther two of the highest rated movies and all of rotten tomatoes and I had to read subtitles a mind. So it's the same thing. Amy Subtitles on Black Panther. Yes occasionally okay. This is a different language. I I do get used to the subtitles on Marcos Mexico so I guess I could get used to the ones on this okay. Well Good luck until the end of the week defenders these movies they say the hand sanitizer. Lysol wife's all those. They won't return to normal until August at least and they are producing the stuff so fast they still can't meet the demand even with toilet paper. It could be early next year to win. The shelves are back and they're full of toilet paper. We can get someone we need it. So are you able to get toilet paper right now? We ordered some a couple. I found some not so long ago but then I needed to drop it off at my dad's he said he needed and I was like well shoot so then we ordered some and we knew it might take a while so we just were patient and I think about four weeks later it showed up A. Wow that's the delay four weeks. We're pretty good. I have So step I was doing with continental so I have some some toilet paper. I watch boxing to win the cotton out we ordered from Cotton L. And I forgot about it and when it came I thought when I saw the cotton packaging on my doorstep. I thought that you because I knew you were working with them. I was like well. This is just so sweet. Bobby got with continental in order to in my husband said No. You don't remember about a month ago. We order that crazy. It takes that long. Yeah took so long. I forgot we ordered. It couldn't find any anywhere and he hit me up so I sent him a big old bag of it. But we're doing that Sheriff Square Campaign for Charity Instagram. If you want to see that Mr Bobby bones so I saw that story and then I saw Chicago's public health director said they thinking about going to a swimming pool. Not a great idea during the crisis. Because there's something called fecal shedding here. We go to the practice of obviously being in a swimming pool. Unfortunately we do know that. There's some fecal shedding corona virus. If I can go ahead and share that and so as well as associated with pools would have locker rooms with which people would need to change. So you would have more people congregated in the same setting your thoughts. I've never heard fecal shedding before. Beagle shutters. I don't ever want to hear it again. But if you're thinking about going to pools now I get it. That's a huge. Were my kids. We love taking them to the community pool in the summer. They.

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