Rothschild, Donald Trump discussed on Duncan Trussell Family Hour


And i know you i i again i'm surprised to hear how optimistic urine honestly and makes me happy to hear that were wrote in my worst days when i see something like that like the white house with like this insane christmas decoration that's with with some lunatic standing in the middle of these like just the craziest shit man that does this doesn't make any sense it's like it's w you know i don't know if you've ever seen pictures of him i think the rothschild's or people who get accused of being in the aluminum he had to kind of crazy fucking datta's party and there's like people wearing horse head masks and i mean it looks weird it looks fucking cool it's like whenever the fuck they were doing now at second super farm party there's something sleek an awesome about it but like when you look at the style you're talking about trump trying to look good to me there's something in it that reminds me of when a film starts melting in a camera and it starts bending and bleeding and burning and it's like the this is why it's so easy for me to think maybe this is what the apocalypse looks like like the thing we considered to be it the ultimate version of power he is like having this chernobylstyle meltdown and is just spitting out like just just vile nece after violence after violence and i i you know one of the creepiest.

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