William Randolph Hearst, Donald Trump, Mexico discussed on Background Briefing


So we're kind of into this weird hybrid of of wag the dog and william randolph hearst you provide the pictures i'll provide the war we're we're we're down the rabbit hole except donald trump is not as nearly as smart and sophisticated and is a william randolph hearst i mean like you say he's he's more mentally unstable than things like that but again back to the coverage you know he got a week out of coverage about the border about the wall about sending the troops and you had to pay very close attention to get the fact that illegal border at engines are at a forty seven year low i mean that should have been the headline in every story that should have been the first sentence discussion well because they basically give letting trump have it both ways as he can he claims credit for the drop in border crossing the same time is trying to gin up this specter of of an invasion from mexico by the way our next guest we were talking about the hungarian elections all bonn this sort of neofascist he did the same thing they had video faked video of holes in the border fence and most limbs pouring in to hungry in if you wanna if you wanna be frightened where america's is heading pay attention what's happened in angering last year's absolutely that's the model right so what's your sense of whether msnbc and cbs and and cnn will stop of enabling him in fact feeding off the kind of opposition that.

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