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Show podcast. Let's get into this week's. Christian O'Connell's misheard lyrics. All right, as we play back all your misheard lyrics, if we agree, you will hear. If not. And for the really great ones. Recent Hall of Famers go to Alana, who gave us this one last week, with Pete Murray, you give me your love and you look to my eyes and you spit in my ears. Then there was Brent who gave us this one from weezer, hash pipe. I got my ass wiped. There we go. All right, brand new ones, Maggie Roberts, Stevie Wonder, sir duke. You can feel it all over. Or is it you can feel it aloha? Yes. Sarah Kerry thinks she can hear her own name until Tuesday's voices carry. Original line voices carry. Or is it misses Kerry? Yes. Yes, Jenna. It is your name. Brett's professional widow, huge hitch him about years ago by Tori Amos. We gotta be big. Or is it scabby pig? It's 80% there, but not a 100%. Frank has got Def Leppard, Armageddon it. Yeah, but are you getting it? Armageddon it. Or is it yeah, but are you getting it? I'm a Guinea pig. I'm a get it oh my God, I'm hearing I'm a Guinea pig. I don't know. You hear it, Patsy. I'm not sure about the perk can you play it again? Sure, yeah, but are you getting it? I'm a Guinea pig. I'm a get it. Yes. Oh no, I'm making that statement. I'm a Guinea piggy says. I'm a get it. I'm a Guinea pig. Scott's got humanoids humanoid lyric, humanoid. Or is it hemorrhoids? No. Sam has got this from the hives, two timing touch and broken bones. I'm broken low. Or is it two times and touching monkey bumps? Two times in touching monkey bums. Ladies, semi. That's a great one. Two times in touching monkey bumps. 'cause I'm in touch and broken bones. Instant Hall of Famer. What up Sammy? As always, email address who you miss her Lewis is Christian at Christian O'Connell dot com dot AU, but Christian O'Connell show, podcast. Two weeks Friday, Friday 28th of October, the show is going on the road. Where we're going, we don't know yet. Just like the naked hour of the Thursday when we have no songs. It's the naked show two weeks Friday. We have no home. What do you take us in? Is there room in the manger for me Jack and pants? The entire show 6 to 9, two east Friday is live from yours. There's three parts to this. First part we're talking about today, you win the entire show. We come live from yours. Rest as we tell you there are two other parts to this. I promise you by Wednesday, you'll be gagging for this year, but this is unbelievable. The rest of the stuff that we've got to announce is amazing. But for now, who would love to have the show? That really does mean all of us. The whole team would be down there round at yours doing the whole show. We'll have to find somewhere for Patsy every half an hour to do the news quietly, a green room, obviously for Jack post. And we will need some kind of green room for something else that's coming as well. But no more on that for now. All right, so who fancies inviting us round to theirs to do the show. Good morning, Ben. Good morning all. You're welcome to come over. Thank you, Ben. Danny nah, lovely bitten. I do three types of eggs. I can do poached scrambled or fried. This is already good at breakfast. I can do homemade bag beans for everyone. We'll do coffees. Young ruby, she's excelling at horse riding at the moment. She put on a little show in the arena. But the arena. We are to Eddie McGuire's magic. Yeah, we're setting you up on the deck. We've been broadcast live from there. This sounds cool. I'll get you going. And so ruby, tell us about the family. Who would be there? Who would be me meeting? Ruby 11? And then there will be max. He's 13. He can get the dirt bikes out. We can have a bit of a gown in the backyard. We're going on what we're trying to do. Sounds like a lot of noise in the background at the moment. The bike, the horses. And then Amanda, she'll be on the fry out with me. So who's Amanda? Amanda's a good voice. Refer to as a man. So have you checked with any of these people because obviously you're going to see part of the show, whoever's home we go to your green part of the show with us will be doing the show with you guys. You know, we get you. What about the good wife Amanda? Max and ruby. Are they in? Have you spoken to any of them about this? I walk past the radio a second ago, heard Cole now. I hope this isn't me one of those things will be turn up and they're all going. None of us want you here. We don't even listen to you. No one told us a breakfast show. We listened to nova. All right, Ben, it's a contender, but thank you very much for being the first who invited us around. I appreciate that. Let's get a lowest now. Good morning, Lewis. Good night, Christian. Louis see it from the face and pantry. We've got small fruit shop in the basin. We love to have you guys round for a day. We've got some great customers here. We've got a woman who is married to Brad Allen, Jackie Chan.

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