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Balls over here pretty good. How often do we pull like? Do I open up an issue. And it's a double sized issue and I just I grown yeah probably ninety. Five percent of the time daredevil. This was literally the only time I can think of in recent memory where that happened where I was like Cool more daredevil like genuinely I got. I got really bummed because I was reading the book. So you know I like I see the end coming of this run. And it's just like I got really bummed out when it was over. I was just like this stinks. I want more of this. Yeah I wish he had done this for you. Know like a Claremont sized run. Maybe not because maybe end up like. Clermont did speaking of Claremont. He wrote the new mutants. We didn't talk about one yet. Oh sorry that was a really good transition. I'll give you that. We talked about the relied issue. It was just named the author of the other. No it worked One Ninety one is structured all around in the present day daredevil. Oh yeah there's a whole thing his back bullseyes hospital bed and he's got a gun and he's telling him you know there's a quote here. Traditionally Roulette takes one bullet one gun two idiots that's us and he's cut six bullets and dirt ovals not messing around. He's pulling the trigger and they're playing Russian roulette in as he does so daredevil. I don't think even speaking aloud. I think it's all internal CAP. It is. Yeah I think so. Because he's naming himself he's like I guess I was thinking that it. I like both both I know who he is. I don't think so. Because he's in custody right but he is saying like. Oh my partner. Foggy told me Matt. It's time for you to take this case on and then my father like giveaway Jackson Dead Giveaway. If he saying it allowed exactly a lot of his mouth isn't moving so I don't think so. I think this is just narration. Yep for sure. An eight Matt's flashing back to kind of growing up and his life as well as a recent story a case of his Primarily as map but then eventually as daredevil about a kid who is watching video on repeat of the daredevil Bullseye fight that having recently this is the same fight in the middle run were daredevils ultimately quite intentionally drops bullseye from a height onto his head and leaves him paralyzed. State that we now. Although as we talked about at the time would take some very precise dropping skills to know. You're not going to kill him. Which is kind of the big question Matt is wrestling with? Here is what does it mean that. I'm so violent amp and also at the same time. Ama- violent enough because the big reveal at the end of this as they're playing Russian roulette and we finally get to the six shot and there's so much tension built up because it's click nothing. Click nothing right. You know. It's coming and he gets to the sixth. One pointed a Bullseye. Click or does he appointed himself? Maybe maybe I'm missing the image here. The last thing it's possible that goes for Bulls area. Yeah the last. And Nothing. Again and dirt oval says you know basically you know. I'm coward. I can't I can't pull that final measure. Maybe I should and that's obviously it's repetitive question. Comics but here. It's we don't see a lot of marvel certainly at this point it. It's framed for me. Through because he tells the story of Chucky this kid and Like the violence of this Gets wrapped up but then he also talks about his childhood with his father. And how like he kind of his idolized in deified his father. The story that we've seen is the the origin of his father wouldn't throw the fight and he died like a man etc But then he's like you know I'm kidding myself. He wasn't perfect and you know I got into a fight. My father like despised this idea that I would fight. But then when I got into a fight like probably for a decent reason like a was bullying him in ripping up his book and he you know. He got into a scrap of the kid and came home his backhanded him. And you know in like clearly like a nasty way really upset him into like he says that's when he decided like you know like violence isn't just the answer like even. His Dad needs rules to live by swinging. Decide to be a lawyer right like he needed to force rigid rules. Because this like this arbitrarily violence which is the like the really interesting. I don't know Dissonance and like contradiction about daredevil. Which is that. He is simultaneously kind of obsessed with the law and rules. And then like really working outside of it you know like yeah yeah it and I think like the better daredevil comics like some of this can really get at that and then I think the worst stuff kind of doesn't look at that distance.

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