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Overdrive magazine and on red eye radio the deadline for submission does may i one so beezer to get your video recorded and then visit trucker talent search dot com to enter you've been singing your cab yourself long enough it's time to let the world here where used online w drc am wdr's drc fm hd three hartford w s n g torrington w m w meriden the talk of connecticut four tariffs i'm jack callaghan fox news on top of the fifty billion dollars in tariffs already imposed on chinese goods president trump says he wants more speaking in west virginia president trump doubled down on his proposed tariffs on chinese goods even after beijing threatens to retaliate against us farmers factors you have to go after the people that aren't treating you right and in many respects i think we're gonna have a fantastic relationship longterm with china but we have to get this straightened out we have to have some balance fears of an impending trade war between the world's two biggest economies have roiled global markets fox's kristen fisher chinese markets are closed for the holiday but dow futures are way down off nearly two hundred and eighty points about the adult film star who claims she was paid the hush money not to speak about an alleged affair the president tells reporters aboard air force one he doesn't know anything about it michael cohen michael an attorney and you'll have to ask michael the white house has denied claims of a liaison an employee for the centers for disease control who'd been missing more than seven weeks has been found dead along the banks of the chattahoochee river in northwest atlanta signs have any foul play right now the preliminary closet death is drowning but since the investigation is still open we do not have a manner of death as whether it's an accident suicide or anything other than that dr jeff gordon because fulton counties medical examiner lieutenant commander timothy cunningham was a member of the us public health service commissioned corps a verdict expected soon from seoul in the corruption trial of former south korean president park good hey she's charged with colluding with business associates millions of dollars in bribes that scandal forced her from office a year ago malaysia's prime minister just announcing he'll dissolve that country's parliament on.

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