President Trump, Pulitzer, Ross Mathews discussed on Stephanie Miller's Happy Hour Podcast


Here's here is my running mate doctor running jackson god bless the united okay go ahead i'm sorry why would you like some pop now i'm just saying listen i they brought up my interviews omarosa in the way briefing room you know what i mean like i there oh you're the shit qualifies me to be president yes you're relevant now pulitzer now he's never stopping relevant fucking ross mathews has never stopped being relevant man you were you were really you are every man you are every everyone in capsule eight everything that makes america great without that goddamn fucking hat i love you ross mathews we've so many intersections of people jay leno i know just everything late night show so many mutual friends a homo gayness mutual friends i love you russ matthews i love you how do we follow you and worship you not a podcast two dozen everyone it's called straight talk with ross mathews we have two hundred twenty thousand fifty three episodes it is so good so funny big stars come on we talk about everything and games it's very very fun so you find that on itunes straight talk with ross dot com and then we social media's hello ross follow me everywhere hella raw repulsed drag race tonight thursday nights and i cannot finger my box anymore because this is really getting yeah boss matthews i love you you the greatest thank you for having me matthews thank you for being had like outfits that you are.

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