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Result of online speech. Is demonstrably real and what drives our policy and effort and enforcement above. All that said having to ban in a new account has real and significant ramifications. While there are clear and obvious exceptions, I feel a band as a failure of ours, ultimately, to promote healthy conversation and a time for us to reflect on our operations. And the environment around us. In other words, he's admitting that it sets a very bad precedent, and it does. Um If you say something hateful If I think you're a hateful person, you know, one of the there's a list of people that have said in a threatened violence, and that made threats towards people who have not been banned from Twitter. One of them is the comedian Kathy Griffin. And you know what she said about those kids in the Catholic High school? Um, it wasn't in Ohio. The kids that were, you know the ones that were faced with the Native American protesters, and it turns out the kids were the ones to make me look bad, and they were not the bad actors in this And you know the family's suit and got a lot of money. But those families got fired from their jobs. Families were threatened. Kids were physically threatened, and I believe it was Kathy Griffin, then one of them all out in Doc's tin, say their names and tell them who they are. And Why would you not ban an adult that said that about Children if you're being consistent with BB, hateful That's you know, a really difficult and horrible thing to do The Trump's head, You know, Holden Trump's head all that inflammatory stuff. It doesn't make any sense that you allow one and not the other. When you silence proofs, but I don't want Kathy Griffin silenced one of the examples I had on Twitter. My own Twitter account that if you're a Twitter user, you can find me at broom head. Katya er, that's my Twitter account. Now there's one call that broom head show that updates on the show, but the one that I am active on that's what if you get an answer or reply, it is me at broom head. Katya are Or Mike Broom had all one word on instagram. You get a response those air from me? Um, I don't want Kathy Griffin Silence that someone had mentioned Louis Farrakhan was taken down with Louis Farrakhan was not banned from Twitter..

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