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Athletic spectacles. And so i called imigran. Who's been thinking about this too. So i should say right at the top as a full disclaimer. I am the last person in the universe who has fisted opinion about sports. Emma green is a staff writer for the atlantic. I am the definition of a regular human being who just loves the kind of pomp and circumstance and excitement and build up of the olympics. They always loved gymnastics at always. Love the kind of peak artistry that we see gymnasts performing and the kenner drama around it to rate these young women and men who have worked all their lives towards this goal and then literally everything depends on whether they can twist in the air the right number of times and land on their feet. When i was growing up gymnastics always my favorite events. I think the team. That was probably the most impactful for me. As a young person was magnificent seven at the nineteen ninety six olympics in atlanta off the superstars. We've been definitely member. Omni ties and shannon miller and dominique murcia knew what he thought you and i will tell you that she nails his. This place will come apart. I've been thinking about them. A lot to the nineteen ninety six olympics. So i- konak in terms of what they represented for america and american gymnasts and those young women who the entire country was looking to to be these record. Breakers looks de- twist it was also exciting and beautiful but there was a lack going on behind the scenes in nineteen ninety-six that we didn't know about dominique. Moceanu was under extreme pressure. She said she was emotionally abused and starved by her coaches corollas. The corollas have denied abusing gymnast. But much yahu wasn't the only one many former gymnasts now say they were abused while competing in elite gymnastics disturbing news in the world of elite gymnastics. The former team doctor in two thousand. Sixteen the indianapolis star tribune published a series of articles looking into usa gymnastics or usa g. As we all know now the team. Dr larry nassar had sexually assaulted dozens of young girls and simone biles says she was one of his victims to and you. Sag knew about it. And turn a blind eye. Larry nassar the former head. Doctor for usa gymnastics who treated some of the most famous olympic gymnasts in recent history faced. Just one of more than sixty women who have come forward in. The last year larry nassar was sentenced to up to one hundred and seventy five years in prison and his entire board of directors resigned and it became clear. The problem wasn't just a single abuser. It was a whole system that enabled it. And there's one woman who's been at the center of this who was sort of the first domino. This is a woman name. Rachel done hollander. Everybody who's gymnasts knows who nassar is. He's he's not just a normal sportsmed dark he's she. Extreme is a lawyer. She's a mom and when she was growing up she was a gymnast years later she was the first person to go public with allegations against nassar. She ended up being desk kind of leader for a group of almost one hundred women who later testified at his sentencing hearing who stood up and talked about what had happened to them. So as i was watching everything that was unfolding for the last week. I just knew i wanted to talk to rachel denhellender. Because she was the woman who.

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