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You know, there are social animals, and they wanna be social what happens. Sometimes is we ignore the things that are causing stress in them. And so then the outcome is poor. So they're terrified of CARNOT as and we go to a place where there's Karnavas nearby and want them to relax, so with, you know, with younger pets, if you're adopting or or a young adult that you got to shelter. You wanna take him to the places that typically cause can cause stress in a dog or what's around strange things. It's all age groups. It's young. It's middle aged is old in wheelchairs, if you're gonna be around tractors or ATV's. Or motorcycles things you make put positive associations with those things you let them you give a some friends some treats and having them meet you on the street have them meet different places where you intersect around the building on the sidewalk and all of a sudden, oh, my is. There's there's a tweet here while in pretty soon, they get to thinking, you know, I go out and environment. It's just like magic these treats rain from the sky. I don't even have to do anything in here. They come down. You know in the veterinary hospital, we call it putting the treat into treatment. But it's so neat thing about these things. Luckily, you know, food is such a motivator for dogs. And this is one thing we think about cats too. You know from fearful two fear free is about dogs, and we'll we work in on one sometime about cats, but Alana Rodin who you and I both knows a very well known feline specialist. She told me early on this fear free thing that eighty five percent of cats in her practice took treats. And I thought and I think she's on some catnip or something very no way you can get eighty five percent of cast take treats. And we're about twenty percent of cats one out of five take a treat, but lo and behold by reducing the fear, anxiety and stress triggers for those cats in creating a different environment and having incredible food rewards. It's amazing. We're probably a near that in some of the stuff. We have for cats like when I practice I'll have an show v pay. Faced deli Turkey. Shrimp, albacore tuna being butter, easy cheese, Benita, fish flakes, and my favorite one. And I don't know if you've tried this yet Bernardine is whipped cream and putting it in the old ice cream. Cones like your mom used to give it tastes like eating yellow styrofoam. You put whipped cream in there. And these cats will lick that with cream and their eyes are closed. It's just like their nursing their mother this look they have. And and there's been some really well known. Veterinarians green always something else. We use this one veterinarian this very well known a dermatologist that oh, this is another one bekker's crazy things whip cream Greenall is. And he's now the whip cream green olive king of dermatology. And it's just amazing to see them happy and calm distracted. And we change our needles out. You know, they don't see the needle coming. There's fair in the air, those calming music plan in you're done, and they go, aren't you gonna vaccinate? It. I did you did they can't even believe. You've done it. What a great feeling for. This has been a great interview. And I know we could go on for many many more minutes hours because you just have such great stories wonderful ways to make our pets. He'll less fearful less anxious less stressed. And that's what we want for our dogs and cats, so thank you very much for bringing forth this fear free initiative strongly recommend that everyone. Get your book from fearful two fear free. It is spectacular. If you have any questions that you'd like.

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