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Friday, February first breaking down the traditional perception of a wind quintet Imani winds. Carves out a distinct presence in the classical music world with their energetic. Playing culturally poignant programming and adventurous collaborations all members actively participate in their original compositions, which incorporate aspects of African and Latin American music. Imani winds play Shannon hall in the university of Wisconsin union on Friday, February first at seven thirty pm. You are listening to W O RTD nine point nine FM, Madison, and w RTFM dot. Check out the moral union. The Wisconsin union union theater website, the each year, they have a full program of world international music. So check out that they mommy wins. Coming up. And let's see we're going to turn to the rest of this show over to music of the Roma from eastern Europe Romo is the name. This ethnic group calls themselves in the past throughout history. In in English. We use the word gypsy, but we're trying to use that word less and the word Roma more. We're going to be hearing some Roma tunes from various countries. Those countries would be Serbia Romania, Bosnia, Hungary. Yes. Looking down my playlist here. That's what we're going to be hearing from. Start off with the earth wheel sky ban out of Serbia. But. Want to mention that throughout the set? There's various. Songs by women ballad singers. And so keep an ear out for that..

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