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Will be speaking in Redondo Beach and it is a very important told how to live a meaning driven life never gave the talk before I tend to do this every year this Redondo Beach the Jewish community center spiritually give their is one that IBM think about thirteen years in a row now that's a very important venue for me to give something new to southern California go to well where's Dennis at Dennis Prager dot com where's Dennis Dennis Prager dot com and you will you will see it that's next Wednesday night Redondo Beach now let me go back to Gary and the conversion therapy question so it's a very complex thing Gary so let's try to first see where we differ by clarifying that we're talking about the same thing conversion therapy applies to two groups the trans gendered and VJs is that correct our all right okay I'm not sure I know that well I don't I I can't think of the third but I can imagine the third solo but also talk about those two for a moment so I was talking about and then we'll get to gays in your situation because we may not have a very big difference we might we'll find out so okay with regard to the transgender your I said your your ten year old boy says he's a girl and you want to take your child to a therapist who wants to help the child make peace with the fact that he is in fact the boy that is now called conversion therapy and it is banned in many states including Utah do you agree with that I don't agree with that I think a ten year old who says he's a girl needs therapy not not not the electric shock therapy but therapy I think any anyone would agree the healthiest situation would be if he made peace with his biological sex your turn to respond young young people act like you said at that age getting therapy can be helpful as long as it's not designed to try to manipulate the child into changing what about manipulating the child to not changing pardon in the case of the transgender that the hold on court manipulation is to not change we just want you to stay what you are biologically we want to help you with your gender dysphoria that is now called conversion therapy it's banned I don't agree with that that's the part I don't agree with cases in a tightly different subject you know I I really don't understand that I got that because that's that's not my issue okay well that was my issue for you transaction on all right so that was my only issue I okay so now the question is so mellow me ask you as a gay man I had I had dinner with a gay man ugh my wife and I had dinner with him about a path she months ago he's a gay man he still a gay man but because he's Christian he said I want to leave the car the what I believe is a Christian life marry a woman and have children knowledge is he still attracted to men he acknowledges it and his wife knows it but he's very you said he is very happy in the situation he prefers that is that something is that wrong if the therapist helped him in that way would that be wrong why it sounds like he's he's got you know kind of the best of both worlds into it keys you know I would consider that bisexual is it wrong it it depends on how what what the characters who is it it is getting now with the therapist what what you gonna do you know what what does he want to do Jennifer I was raised as a Christian and as a young adult every time as an adolescent every time I engaged in normal adult are not adults but that natural behavior I would rate to god to forgive me for doing that activity my heart goes out to you I I I have to take a break forgive me my heart goes out to you I I learned mean it with every every cell in my body I think you went through hell and and it wasn't fair okay really factor is a major product because it relieves pain sense of relief factor it's incredibly effective incredibly so it's sort of a miracle pill and it's over the counter is the savings no prescription here you have.

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