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Dave, Mike, Google discussed on The Masked Man Show


Looks like somebody winter resume aid died was buried in the hat and then dave just dug it up and put it on the said i wish the story was that cool a guy from a wrestling for sale shots to my man i also got an easy w hat that was apparently mike awesome so mike awesome as you know passed away rest in various address in peace but uh his old manager contacted wrestling for sale and said i got all this mike awesome stuff there was in his jim was a fill alphonso not yeah daddy i got all this stuff daddy khumalo phones as whistle cuba i wish there was easy w hats tshirts a jim shorts is incredible highly recommend if you're looking for a some stuff from easy w you go resing for sale because they've got everything do you have any of that and he was that 70s guy apparel now was knows that wasn't that his name that would have in these dude he was that 70s guy mike awesome and he was also the fat chick thriller the fat cheque yet every bad gimmick and deputy w uh shelves twowicket pedia for when you just gould i mean for will not even women this is wicked pedia bid when you google mike awesome is cause of death is right there on the main google page at sorta said anyway speaking of happy things took it has been a great year and professional wrestling yes surprisingly i we complain a lot but at the same time there's been a lot of awesome starting to go through and picking the year in order to actually really difficult yeah i had a hard time this morning bright before i came to studio to figure out what i was gonna say a lot of my answers are these awards are lists of four things side that i that might deter eyes look i'm going to decide on the fly but i'm probably going to say for things then pick why that that was too difficult because there's so much to choose from at even saying they were the top four i'm just saying like i when i just started writing things too big scrawling.

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