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Welcome back it is the Ben Ferguson show is hurricane Dorian what is on top of the Bahamas. the press is attacking Donald Trump because he played golf this weekend. there is they are saying that Donald Trump playing golf this weekend was you're responsible because he should have been now I did cancel his trip to Ireland I and sent the vice president instead but the present nine takes America did play golf this weekend at by one of his resorts right outside of Washington DC Democrat seizing on this saying how they're the present I do this while Americans preparing for this devastating hurricane Dorian I and they're saying that he should know better than doing that I'll get your reaction that is well the number five three five eight nine seven three two five three five nine seven three two one eight hundred four seven four nine seven three two will get your reaction to that are the present did obviously go to the National Review our response coordination center I and had some words to say there aren't that before he played golf he got that updated then went to the golf course afterwards I and of course Democrats did not cover much of what in the media did not cover much what he actually said there I instead what they ended up doing was attacking for actually playing golf the present was wearing his USA hats and they attacked him and said that he was responsible for doing this I want to play for you again this Emory professor. who is come out and said this is really all of our fault it's it's man made it is our fault that all this is happening. I take a listen and as they say it's our fault we should have fixed it it should be fixed it should have you know all there should have been fixed by our own doing even.

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