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By mid nineteen forty four the allies fight to track down and stop the nazi atomic bomb program had met failure failure and disappointment and the intelligence limited as it was was deeply troubling joe kennedy theoretical brother a future president john f. kennedy had died. I on a mission to destroy a supposed atomic bunker in northern france but the bunker turned out to be a facade a nazi misdirection so to stop the germans. The american american military realized that he would need better and more timely intelligence so the manhattan project began to recruit and develop atomic spies including moberg doc although little known today burg was one of the most famous athletes in the world then over time though berg's primary task would shift from espionage towards something much darker assassination and his top target would be the most feared scientists in the world then the sharpest mind in the nazi uranium club sherman physicist verner heisenberg this episode for the strangest man imagine it's nineteen nineteen thirty seven and you're a pitcher for the boston red sox. You're in detroit for a double header and frankly you board red. Sox are winning the first game in route and you're sitting in the bullpen with nothing to do you wander over and sit down next to the most entertaining fellow on the team backup catcher moberg. How's it hanging mo-. He's reading a book and doesn't look come on. You can read that later on the train. There's a game on mo- turns the page and keeps ignoring you. Hey tell me again about that time. You and babe ruth went to that cat house in japan. What were they called. Joe shoes geishas..

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