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Four to three That was John Walton with a call of what would be the final score in the cap second straight lost to Boston this month and 5th straight to the bruins overall if Ghani kuznetsov and Nick backstrom scoring for the third place capitals the 12th ranked Marilyn women's basketball team was lit up by a former turp in a 95 89 loss to Ohio State Taylor Mike sells scored a career high 33 points to pace the buckeyes while Chloe bibby scored 14 of her 20 in the fourth quarter as part of a late rally that ultimately fell short for the 12 and 6 turps and their third conference loss of the season the Georgetown men still winless in conference four biggie schemes to be exact as they have now lost 5 in a row after an 83 75 loss to number 21 Providence It is little consolation for the wizards in the aftermath of a one point loss to Brooklyn but that's assisting coach David van der Poel was fined $10,000 and the nets penalized 25 grand for his interference with a fourth quarter pass to Kyle Kuzma D.C. United reportedly close to a record setting deal that would send Paul areola to FC Dallas for a $2 million General allocation with incentives that would shatter previous MLS records Rob would fork to believe sports As always four 46 on TLP Friday morning January 21st an update on traffic and weather just around the corner Meantime here's what's happening We're at this morning breaking this over the early morning TLP singer entertainer meatloaf is apparently died at the age of 74 No cause of death given will have more on that developing story as it becomes available throughout the day here on TLP all you need to do is the usual keep your dial right where it is CBS News brief the January 6th House select committee asks Ivanka Trump for her cooperation in its investigation Loyola law school professor Laurie Levinson At this point they've only asked her to voluntarily cooperate However if it follows the pattern of other witnesses she could be.

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