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I don't know if they're that anymore. But they were at that time when Carnegie Hall I opened so they would have the something Hawn than they would rent out apartments in those apartments were usually taken by musicians or artists and things like that. So there's this kind of like will to do Baheen life, you know, that she's like rubbing shoulders with it was, like when I was living in the east village in I just myself, eight as you know, the, you know, the everyone is up and coming, you know, and, and they hadn't yet quite arrived. And so this is kind of, like where she's practicing astrology. So she goes from like to, to studio rooms in Carnegie Hall that and she stays in Carnegie Hall, the rest of her career to ending up with I think, at six suites on the tenth floor. You know how much? Her army of, of, of typists and, and things like that had had expanded. So that's where she sets up in a believe that that's in nineteen thousand four will nuts. One of the cool things early on about to me about her move to New York issues, kind of like a bad ass. And she rented out like these nice places like the hotel burned down was a super nice place that she went to the first hotel that she attempted to go to on Fifth Avenue. It was also a super nice place. And then even eventually the place that she ends up settling into in Carnegie Hall was a super nice residents in office. And so part of that was her part of a class thing, but also her presenting and wanting to present herself as being respectable and successful and, and trustworthy, and she would have seen as like tons of clients, and do tons of consultations and start to meet with and have very well to do clients in. In New York City. Absolutely. Absolutely. And that's why she that's why should become kind of like this local Savell you know this this profit is on 'em, an white so well known because New York at this time has also remember it's the center publishing. You know, I mean you've got some competing newspapers in Chicago. San Francisco, but New York is really the center publishing. So if you're hitting, you know, if you're getting an interview paper, whatever you've got newspaper syndicate, starting right now around McClure the McClure syndicate. So it's like late nineteenth century. And so these news items are going outside of New York, and they're spreading across the country. And so, you know, again, this is what's bringing the notoriety and the fame, but again, she's very careful. And this is what saves her helps her with her trial, but she's very careful to cultivate, this learned established, you know, I look at the chart dispassionately. You know, like peeking over her glasses. Image, you know. And again, you know, even though she wasn't glamorous, or particularly beautiful looking that worked to her advantage, as well, because she was she kind of looks like miss marple from the Agatha Christie Ristori or something, you know, someone like you know, someone you can rely on and trust, you know salt of the earth. I think like somebody, maybe Karen refers to almost as, like your wise aunt, who's giving you advice or something? And so she's doing consultation, set up in New York, but then, eventually she does run into problems and eventually runs afoul of the law. At one point at two distinct points in the nineteen teens through three eventually who's the third one too. So the first time she's arrested. And she's busted for fortune telling, but that one is quickly dismissed. But then the second time in nineteen fourteen there's a sting that the. Police do and they have a undercover officer go in and do and get a consultation. And then afterwards, she is arrested and charged with anti fortune, telling laws which were still on the books in New York, and that time, and there was as serious, like it was not a light matter. It was like a serious threat to her where she could have faced. It was something like, what six months or six years in prison, and, like a huge with more the, the more the steep fine. It was more steep..

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