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Then hello. It's time to hop on the trend. It totally is I really like this thing, you know, Bruce uses it and you can use it in the shower cuz it's waterproof, which is great. And again, it has something this it's called the lawnmower 3.0. It's got Advanced Skin safe technology. So it keeps you from nicking those nuts, which nobody wants to do and it's got a little dog. On it so you can see what you're doing down there cuz you know gets a little dark going down there. God. Wow, what are you tripping but it gets so dark. You can't see, you know, treat your legs and you need like to be able to see you need light and it has a light on it. I like it. It's kind of cool. Amy is sold by the Light the lawnmower 3.0 comes inside their hot new perfect package 3.0 which makes perfect gift this holiday season for the person with a nut sack in your life. It's literally everything your man needs to keep them trimmed cut free and smelling nice down there. Yes, speaking of spelling nice. Let's be real. We've all smelled nasty Family Jewels before we have listened some of those job interviews go south. We've all been there very south parent. We're not here to judge. Nobody wants to smell that. Okay. So thankfully they have something called the crop preserver and the crop reviver and this products keep your family jewels from sweating smelling and sticking. Oh, yeah important things to avoid dudes you put deodorant on your armpits. Why in the hell would you not put deodorant on a part of your box that you have to physically peel off of your thigh. If it gets sweaty. All right, these formulations are all vegan their cruelty free dye-free sulfate-free paraben free. So, you know, your manhood is in good hands. Yep, get 20% off and free shipping with the code first at That's 20% off with free shipping at and use that code first. Okay, Ami, shall we do our results are going to the hair. Let's do our results first. Okay. So if you didn't check out our last podcast episode number one fuck off just kidding in it. We talked about people. Is he in putting out their sexiest man alive? You know, they always do a Michael Jordan was, you know ruled by them as a sexiest man alive. So then they also had a section where they let the People magazine readers select all they're sort of like undercards all these long random titles that include like Brad Pitt and like Nick Jonas all these people right? That's funny Israel under cards. And one of them one of the undercards was the category hottest. Zaddy bulb went to John Stamos and I was like, oh my gosh one hundred percent. I see this and he was like that needs to go to Mike Vrabel head coach of the Tennessee Titans. So we're like I was like, you gotta be kidding me. So we put it up there for debate and vote. The results are I mean Stamos one, but again not by a landslide like you were adamant of the fact that there's no way anybody was going to vote for Mike Vrabel, but it was really Clips really close like variable got like 46% of the vote, which is really that's good. I started questioning his like on mine. I posted it on my personal Instagram account to and you can go in and see the algorithms. I'm like and I was about to send notes to these people like what's wrong with you. I'm not saying Mike Vrabel is not he's more of like a rugged if you like to go off Hunting and Fishing that's probably the kind of guy that you would want to like bang. But if we're talking like Daddy like salons Daddy, I just I can't place him in that category as me personally, but it would not connect photos to me total. It was neck-and-neck. It was an academic. I'm so proud of you guys for voting for variable because he totally deserves it. You know, Amy and this is like the deadliest, you know, pick like rainbows like the underdog who's sexy and athletic. No one has only way he doesn't wear the same size jeans as you, you know, eating yogurt like a pansy. Listen. First of all, hold the fuck up bitch. Do not disparage my skills. Jeans or my old goes. Okay disparaging yours. I just don't want your man to wear the same jeans and eat the same yogurt yogurt. Like why do you have a table ready to go gurt? There's plenty of weird yogurt. That's weird. He's weird. He's like, what do you call it? Ned Flanders. He had a fella Ned Flanders. He's also the process of the best quarterbacks ever. So ever meet you back up. I wouldn't say ever I would I would absolutely categorize Russell Wilson net when all said and done now, he's still got playing time, but he's on Pace to being there. Okay, that's a different debate. So John Stamos. Congratulations. I knew you had it in you that you were going to pull this one off a me. He's associated with full house, which you know, that makes them a dad's a d dad. So, you know again the obvious choice. Well, yep. I commend you for maturely conceding and not going on Twitter and yelling about how you should have one. So I thank you for that. I'm telling me I should have went very much rid of you. Okay? All right. It's very Amy trumpet because I mean maybe we just didn't have enough time to go get the pull out there and make sure everyone voted. That's right. I want to elections the right way. That's right, Let everybody cast their vote a few people be able to cash their votes. So I mean it wasn't like an actual full on Election. So technical my God had been I would have went. Well, first of all, my takeaway is I just started going to the graduation theme song and I thought I was going into dumb. Wash. My brain is I was trying to go with Hail to the Chief. Yeah, but that came out as the graduation song. So that's it's kind of Calvary get on this podcast. Okay. Let's talk NFL hair. Okay, Ami Bose. Has you shook I could not believe this Chargers quarterback. Justin a bear. I keep him calm a very cuz that's how it's pronounced. My family's from Louisiana. Justin Herbert off. I was like, whoa, he's yeah. I thought it was Herbert. That's the Louisiana and me. Okay, he had this beautiful hair right off like shoulder-length. It was sexy. He was like put it up in a little like headband thing and it was yeah let the record show you think a man with a bun and a headband off earlier than a guy who eats yogurt continue. Absolutely. Anyway, they probably eat yogurt. Justin Herbert probably eats yogurt so off he cut his hair off and when I say he cut it off it wasn't just like some like small trim where he can spike it up in the front and call it a day. No. This is like full-on military birth. Style type haircut. Yes. I'm not okay with this not okay with this at all, like hair is like that is the signature of yourself. Am I right? I usually especially men who have different hairstyles than a normal guy. Would you know what? I mean? That's like their signature thing. It's it it creates their image. Let me give you some examples dead. He's got that dread looks like a dildo the back of his head Chinese situation. What's in your nightstand? That's a that'd be a giant. Holy and have you been to some of the sex shops. They're very they can be very often actually like to go into your nightstand versus a sex shop and that's a dildo holyshit, but I get what you're saying. It says signatures obj's got the little blond red tips, you know situation God that's just like Clay Matthews long hair David bakhtiari. He's got the long hair. Like that's their Richard Sherman Larry Fitzgerald. Yeah. I was Patrick Mahomes. I mean, yep. I mean as he's got sort I mean he yeah, he's gotta look. Yeah, he's got the look the thing.

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