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I can understand that. Want to move on to the second title fight of the night the one that i think we all knew what was going to happen before the even scheduled to fight man noon as megan anderson nunez dominated again. What's left for her at this point I wish chris iboh see 'cause obviously that rematch needs to happen at some point. It'll probably never happen. I guess juliana pain. Yah bantamweight would be the next logical contender especially since holly home got hurt. Joint pain isn't talking a lot of craziness at noon. As they've never fought bending as obviously the bet grace email fight of all time juliana i think is the only ones you haven't thought gee germane to randomly is already. Oh two against Imagine it as holiday homes over one commanders. Being every single former uc champion. They couldn't in front of unless they wanted to. The third fight was balancing that just because a lot of people including myself balancing the one second fight and she was on her way. When i fight if there was a five round five so i think juliana valentina but definitely knocking valentine and she had this fighting just them yes he's much more Wants to do the fight between valentine waleed before they do a third man to fight but who knows money talks i. There's not much less out there. Yeah she cleared out the featherweight division. Moving without even breaking a sweat. Oh yeah percents. The fight against the last fight. She had where she actually went to distance. And she was toying with her opponent at the at the end. Yeah man no. There's not many fighters at one thirty five and one especially one forty five. I don't if there's any like the the conversation with samantha. Beats megan anderson where they close the featherweight division. Just because there's no one else out there. Dallas has a very constructive way division. Ufc has maybe four total at a man is being pretty much all of them. I'll say genuine wolf..

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