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The Broncos newest selection number nine overall pats or tan sitting down with us, Pat, How are you? I'm good you're doing. We're doing great man. Okay, So you were talking about how when you were five years old, you started playing football. How closely Does this situation being drafted into the NFL? How closely does it mimic or mirror? What you thought when you were a kid mirrors it a lot, You know, Ever since I was five, I had big goals, big aspirations. Big dreams and I was being very optimistic as well. Start that early age, you know, just to get to this point, you know, very thankful. Ain't no blessed to be in this situation. Yeah, you came from American heritage. You guys had a heck of relate to him down there now, Schwartz says. He's the fastest out of the four of years. That is that correct is they use the Tyson, who's the fastest out of the four year is definitely and destroy. Yeah, he his speed is phenomenal. Yes, elite. Track speed for sure. Your time in Alabama. What did that experience do for you to help prepare you for this situation? Yeah. Just being that Obama helped shape me to be the best player. I could be in the best person on the biggest stage. Of course, you know, just being the situation possible. I can't think Alabama enough, you know, for grooming me and you know, just doing the best player that I could be and being the best version of myself, You know, just China. Um, no, just build on that, you know, just learning, uh, specific things that I learned from Alabama just carried on with me to the next level. I was specifically working with Nick Saban. Yeah, with coarse statement. You know, it's just all around. You know, he was hands on very hands on with me. I learned a lot from him. You know, I can honestly say that through my years working with him, Um Developed instead of better pairs. I could be each and every year in the run up to all there's a lot of people were talking about not possibly any defensive players taken in the top 10. All that kind of stuff we get to both corners. You and Jacy horn. I love watching both of you play. How exciting was that to be one of the top defensive players taking the whole NFL draft? Yes, very excited just to be known as one of top defensive players to be taken in the draft. Um, but at the same time you got realized that we all got play ball, you know, just Due out days here and there. So, um, you know, it was It was a very exciting moment. But now I was just, um, focusing on football, you know, just building the legacy. What did you know about the Broncos before being drafted by him? About the Broncos. What I knew about the winning tradition, the winning culture everything that stands here. So you know, I'm just very excited, you know, should be a part of the organization. You are Madame player at all. Of course, where you going to sell about Darby Fuller. Callahan put yourself in the starting lineup. We got one time. You know, like running time all day rundown. Have all of us out so he could bring us all right. I'll bring the sticks. We'll see him. Get that smoke. What was your first conversation like with Coach Fangio? It was a great conversation he was talking about how I could fit in their defense. Um how could be very versatile in this game on they said, Um, you know, schemed output, Alabama. Relates to the scheme that they're using now, so he thinks I could fit certainly well. Who's the next player in Alabama? We should be looking at as well. Which one of your teammates should we be looking at? As well? Um Just Alabama. Mm. Mutual look at joining battle. The Marco Helen's, um even Bryce. Yeah, You know, there's a lot of dudes that you could look at Josh's job. You know those dudes, So you know, keep out for them last one. In your opinion, Why do you think Alabama players tend to have this prestige about them? There's a expectation that they're going to hit the ground running when they get to the pro level. I just believe that you know, Alabama's based on like a business life professionalized program and, you know, just learning, uh, from the Asian every day. I think it helped shape you for the next level, You know, just gain exposure from that program, and you know, you just go through different experiences. You know, Just being at Obama helps a lot. You know, it's to prepare you for the next level. Awesome. Well, congratulations again. Welcome to the Broncos. Thanks for the time, Pat. Thank you. All right, Pat Ser tan, newest Denver Bronco and, well, he's an exciting player to watch and I we get the sense with him, and I'm gonna talk to him about a dozen things. I had a bunch of calm thoughts about Alabama because I remember reading a little bit of an anecdote about Nick's saving. Coming to him and saying Well, this is what you know, basically asking. What would you do on defense against this opponent and he kind of run it by him and let Pastor Tan basically answer him And he's like, Yeah, that's more or less what I had planned all along, but I want to see what you thought. Well, that's that's good coaching. You know that zit pick them out of your players, but also at the same time reinforced that your players should be coaches on the field, especially for your db into saving our vic Fangio style defense. We're gonna have to be making Constant adjustments because that match concept that they do out of quarters. So you know, I think that's smart. I think it's I think it's good. I was just sorry. I was just looking at the horrified expression that Pat had it. The Blazer that I was wearing so Yeah. You do almost everything for attention. Because Jackson Pollock blazer over here that you look at me. 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