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You clean? Lays it in gracefully. Almost a softly is the soft pink shoes he has on tonight. Not quite. Five. Nice cut inside. Nice catching a score off the feed The Hardaway, who started in on an angle on an assist for Luke attentions. Good set, play there out of the time out. 10 5 Davis catches top of the art rolls it inside the drum. It'll act on the arm by foul. Woman is his big and his physical is you might remember if you lost track Cleveland prior to his move here to Los Angeles. This is his ninth style for the Lakers. He's been averaging a double double in the purple and gold. Then five Mavericks. You look good Thursday night Shadow 14 points on five of 10 shooting. Oh, by the way, the 19 rebounds as well, Truth her pocket pass on the roll drum and went to flush it and he missed a dunk. He got deep under the rim and then reached up. Exactly. He almost went too far under Crossover from Dodgers down the right slot steps to the right low post spin shoots the dirt shot off the left right side of late and not get down. 12 5 Mavericks on the dance which make it was almost done that Dirk Silhouette on the floor when he took that shops about right, you know that silhouette now. On this side of the floor, the Lakers and it's to the right of the paint right where Davis catches the ball here draws the double team. They was trying to throw out of the dust soda trauma to the broken line. Where's downhill? Right hook? Good running didn't like the way you finished this last shot, So he baby hooks one in here. The floor quickly down the left sideline. Here comes piled catch left side. The lane house, making his third straight started here now for Dallas is nine for his last 11 from the field gives it up to dodge but step back three straight away off the front iron. Oh, good chip by Drummond grabbed by Cruz But for the Lakers 12 $7.7 34 to go in the first up top Macklemore for three God, and he's got two threes down the quarter. It.

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