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Katie Koch, Global Head, Jack Aveline discussed on Market Advantage


The next hour we're gonna be speaking with katie koch the global head of fundamental equity client portfolio management for goldman sachs asset management also a check on what's going on with your money with jack aveline he's the founding part our chief investment officer four crescent wealth management but right now let's go to john tucker he is in the bloomberg newsroom with a bloomberg business flash john hey good morning pm and lisa look stretch off with this when the new head of the federal reserve jerome powell some breaking news about him he is a trucking some urge saying we will remain alert to to getting financial stability risk of weeping of course the federal reserve was on a day with the dow jones industrial average falls by of one hundred at ten point so far this morning down about four tenths s p five hundred eight points lower evidence that composite index down 10 points to right now goldman sachs global markets institute president abby joseph cohen says stocks have been price per for a fraction have there are issues immediate and longterm abby joseph cohen speaking on bloomberg surveillance a little earlier this morning on government policy coming out of washington and my i not supportive ainable intermediate and longterm economic growth on combination of changes in the tax policy new budget proposal the infrastructure proposal in recent changes in trade policy these are not beneficial in my view for intermediate and longterm growth we'll start dropping along with european shares following late downswing in asia assets that are usually seen a safe havens rallying his last week surge of volatility continue the hangar where the markets as each check the bits right now twenty six the sixty six the benchmark 10year notes the yield two point eight four percent as the price increases by four thirty seconds which at the markets every 15 minutes during the treaty they right here on bloomberg radio.

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Katie Koch, Global Head, Jack Aveline discussed on Market Advantage

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