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And also check out the great work being done it unsung dot org and being funded by dash man in different head and check out the texas big horn conference at texas picone conference dot com uh i think we pretty much cover uh all you really need to know in this episode uh but definitely go check that out teed texas bitcoin conference dot com don't worry folks if you missed the latest episodes of the crypt those show you can always catch the replay on tuesdays and fridays on bitcoin talk radio dot com as well as the latest news and the bitcoin space that's bitcoin talk radio dot com or just find him on the tune in app uh the crypto served the bitcoin show uh have with his about bitcoin and other stuff uh the threat of cryptic repair dot com news by real quick sweden's largest online stockbrokers ofand the bank as decline services vase a bank sweden's largest online stockbroker with over six hundred thousand customers is now provide a clients debility detract bitcoin another digital assets using their account interface according to co johan promo vonza customers will be able to view both bitcoin theory him holdings quote two more and more of our customers are investing in cryptocurrencies and therefore his natural that they can follow the value directly with us in quote all right let's get back we're talking about the taxes thirty otx bitcoin conference in i know we've mentioned it in a previous episodes but we haven't missed it yet what will words the location again the the locations the kenyan kenyan view event center overlooking the rolling hills of uh austin along forty one hundred spice would springs road there would be it's a very new uh very very nice uh facility on.

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