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Worst coaches in he may be who if you were to power rate the worst coaches in the nfl maybe john fox's amongst them chuck pagon owes got to be in that territory who else dave what you would you put in that category it's kind of a weird thing i'm going to definitely say pagon owes in there he cries all the time he gets out of a lot of hot seat sticky situations by by letting the waterworks flow it's kind of embarrassing i think i think john fox the these days among sam like the current fisher and that he's milking a loss in eastill hey i went through a i would've said bill o'brien is right there but he's got a quarterback now yeah and he he he called a pretty good game last week they almost hung sixty points on the board with the shawn watson and everybody's ready to jump on the sean watson bandwagon and so am i but disowned watson wasn't asked to do a lot of multi read plays or anything bill obrien really call nice gave this week so at any rate it i don't know chuck mugano but the forty nine ers if you don't win this game in indianapolis with the redskins on a by you go into fed acts as a week from sunday hand man that's going to be a tough task kirk cousin said all those guys going toe to toe and they got a pretty ferocious defense that's going to be a tall tall order so it'll be interesting to see how qiao shi an an and robert sala handle their business sunday in indianapolis and i'm going to be for the second consecutive week after i predicted three losses in a row to start the season for the forty nine ers i call they forty nine a win on the road at arizona it didn't work out i went over time you know the story larry fitzgerald i'm calling a forty nine or win at luca soil sunday so we'll see what happens it's going to it's probably one of the less interesting games on the schedule if you're an nfl fin unless you're 4000 fan and then closer to home raidersravens dave the raiders home favourite minus two and a half over the ravens i know that you think that he j manual can get it done i personally don't.

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