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God has this ever expansive love and this commitment to us this covenant and promise to all these descendants for all of time to reach out to people those in exile those on the outside those that mess up those that we think aren't deserving it's pretty radical and that covenant still remains today. We didn't lose it. If anything we see that this covenant continues to expand it becomes greater lastly this covenant was really given before anything happened. Yes god as abram to leave his country which is no small thing but god spoke words of what would happen before. Abram actually followed through with anything with the noah. Last week chris talked about how this covenant was given without condition. there is no long list of laws. Or you need to do this. No or you have to have this. Otherwise i won't give it this covenant. Is grace grace to know. It was grace to abraham really. I love that this promises given before anything really happens and that's often how god works. God promises before we even say yes or do anything to earn it in a world. That says prove to me that you're worthy or do this first before you get anything. It's i dunno. It's a great act of love at degreed active grace. It's pretty incredible. That god doesn't ask us to prove ourselves we're already worthy. It reminds me of one of my favorite lines in our communion liturgy. Christ died for us while we were yet. Sinners that proves god's love towards us even are wondering are straight up abandoning guide or disobedience as covenant was given to us. This great love continues to be here for us. This great covenant still stand. God chooses us. God remembers his covenant. God remembers us. When i think about all this can make you laugh. Makes me laugh because it's absurd. I can't believe it but after this laughter. I hope you and for myself. I hope that we choose to believe it. And that we live in to this covenant that was so freely given to us in the name of the father the son and the holy spirit ahmen..

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