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Silverado for two twenty nine a month and don't forget to ask for the T. K. deal good morning which TV at ninety three W. I. T. C. that's right now local artists to showing off for a new take on an old work of art to students at a high school in Indianapolis Edison school of arts is one of six schools chosen for arts learning Indiana's third space project last night open how showcase work by Sambil Levi Jones his projects a reinterpretation of a photographic work from the seventies that showed portraits of forty eight iconic people they were all white the work of Jones is a new more diverse take on the theme from the same time organizer say the goal of third space project is to create conversation in schools through the work of local artists it is five fifty six now the five day honoring Harley ahead on daybreak how businesses in honor of this is daybreak on wish TV and ninety three W. I. D. C. mobile news this hour on ninety three W. I. B. C. is powered by the home loan expert dot com turning cancer my friends at EF Mar burger you know the flooring people the best flooring in central Indiana there right now doing the ball rooms at the JW Marriott they've already done the flooring at Lucas oil stadium they've already done my kitchen and my living room and my dining room and my bedrooms and a bath my goodness what haven't they done in my house what are they doing in your house you gonna stop by their show room ninety nine ninety nine Elsa ville road in fishers and see the incredible work they do the design work they do that's right they've got designers on staff ready to help you turn your kind of clause I vision into reality if you want to see more check out the Indianapolis home show there are both eighty four thirty you know the show has to build every at the right across from that E. F. Mar burger right there at the Indianapolis home show booth AT a four thirty for over a hundred years they've been taken care of Indianapolis they've taken great care of me let the Mar burger family take care of you ninety nine ninety nine thousand bill road.

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