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Number. All right. So it's Christmas time, which means movies are out on Christmas day. So what are people gonna go? See? Here's what's new out today in the theaters on the basis of sex. And of course, that is the story of Ruth baiter Ginsburg. She is played by Felicity Jones. And her husband in the film, Armie hammer, Victoria glucose is here. What to expect? It's just a very good bio-pic. It's so that's really it's nothing. I heard I haven't heard anything special about it just that it's very feel good, and it's a solid bio pic. All right. Here's one that's going to be a little more. Controversial. It's advice, of course, Christian bale put on forty pounds to play former Vice President Dick Cheney, Amy Adams is his wife Steve Carell plays Donald Rumsfeld. Yeah. You cannot recognize Christian bale in this movie. And I'm actually really excited. I'm going to go see it with my family. And Adam McKay is a great director. He directed the big short stepbrothers anchorman. So, you know, it's going to be full of good laughs destroyer stars, Nicole Kidman. She's an alcoholic unglamorous and said cop haunted by previously failed attempt to break up an LA gang ESO, kind of a heavy movie. Not really a happy light holiday tail. But if you're in the mood for it. And it's got great reviews. All right. Well, we can lighten it up with Holmes and Watson, it's will Ferrell and John C O'Reilly. Of course, you remember those guys from the step brothers and feral plays LAC, homes and Riley plays. Dr watson. Yeah. That one's Mississippi a funny one, and it's funny that we're talking about stepbrothers earlier without a mechanic excited to see them reunited in another movie again. Excellent. And real quick. What's in the theaters already that people were watching? Yeah. Some that came out on December twenty first aquaman that got great reviews Bumblebee, which is the spin off of transformers which got the highest rate of transformers movie ever if I'm not mistaken amazing to keep that goal. Yeah. You have Mary Poppins returns. Which is always great with the kids. And then you have Jennifer Lopez's second act, which is got great reviews as well. Interesting. Thank you, Victoria. You're welcome eight twenty eight WML's mornings on the mall..

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